This week we finally started putting the Christmas touche around the house, and instead of opting for an actual tree since we won't be here again, I went the route of the light alternative, with of course the personalizations of stockings. Somehow letting the kids help made my stocking the sloppiest of them all..Don't ask me how. Eh, at least there's glitter, right?
 I brought this baby out for another spin, love it even more with these boots.
 Found a fun budget friendly option for gift giving via Fragrance Rebel, and boy is this stuff amazing, you might remember it from you gift giving days in high school as  I do, but a lot has changed. Their scents are incredible, my mom begged me for the Twilight Mist Set because of the fresh vanilla, citrus and floral scent. Win, and for under $15 how can you not? Need a last minute gift? Snag them at CVS, Target, Rite Aid, & Kmart...
 And I'm now the proud owner of a Keurig, thanks to Glam and Green Mountain - Stay tuned for more :D