Summer Showers

18 July 2011

 Rain season has officially graced us, so what better way to take advantage of Florida's fickle weather system i.e. Sunny Rain Showers than with a light flowing cardigan (or as most call it bed jacket) and an uber comfy jersey maxi paired with vintage pieces and of course, wedges. 
 Dress Target, Cardigan c/o Love Squared, Wedges Madden Girl, Bag Vintage, Belt Calvin Klein


Rachel said...

awesome outfit! :)

Kiki's Corner said...

I love your jacket :) Super cute :)

Hope you have a great day and stay dry :)

Mary @ Fashionbirds said...

Wow, great combination! I really really like it, especially the shoes :D looks great!

Btw... We have rain here since over a week :( and it doesn't seem to stop. I want to wear shorts and dresses but this gross weather demotivates me too much :( So I hope it won't rain too heavy!

dani said...

That cardigan is sooo pretty! It reminds me of the Winter Kate bed jackets - it's just as gorgeous! :)

<3 The Daily Dani

Erin @ MomsHaveStyle2 said...

You got that maxi at Target, huh? Any chance it's in stores now? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? :)

Erin @ MomsHaveStyle2 said...

Oh! And I forgot to mention that your hair looks Ah-Mazing! Is that hard to maintain? I'm trying to grow mine out, but my hair is very fine (lots of it, just fine-textured, so it seems to go flat really easily). Ok, now you know more about my hair than you ever wanted to ;)