Flat Foot

30 May 2011

And no your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I am wearing flats today...But only because Aiden (the soon to be 2yr. old) 'borrowed' one of my wedges and made it so I couldn't find it in time for our little outing. The joys of having toddlers, I'm starting to understand why they say it's like living with 'little drunk people'. 

And since the wedges were my 'running in heels' option, I had to settle for flat sandals, which actually worked out perfectly. I guess it's ok to take a break from heels every now and then, right?
Dress Target (Summer 2009), Jacket Old Navy (2010), Shoes Target, Bracelet Vintage, Scarf Fraas Wrap c/o Lipton Publicity


Cadrommy said...

Oh Aiden! Reminds me so much of my son - Roman who bears the nickname Robo Destructo. He is a true test of my patience!

I rarely wear flats either, and actually busted out in them last week when I hurt my ankle doing yardwork. Lol. I tried to be tough in front of my husband by attempting to dig up a shrub and kicked the shovel to hard, I guess. I didn't realize I'd hurt it until late into the night when I went to turn over in bed and pain shot through my ankle when I lifted it up. I could barely walk the next day. My coworkers were laughing at me about how tiny I am. Most of the women in my department are 5'5" or taller - mostly taller. And I'm barely 5'1". lol.

Shasie said...

Aww too cute about your toddler. Love the dress with the scarf.
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Emma said...

You look Fabulous! Little Drunk People Haha I LOVE it! So True!

Lia said...

Ok Little Drunk People is sooooo true!! HAHAHA!!! I can't believe I never heard that, but it's the truth!! And you look great. I like the carefree beachy look of a maxi dress with flat strappy sandals, and you nailed it :)

Michelle Elaine said...

damn! im late on that target dress! seriously its amazing... kicking myself in the butt.