Belly Blue

15 February 2011

Since getting jeans that 'fit' I've been on quite the kick pairing them with some of my pre-pregnancy tops, sweaters and jackets, making my dressing options a little less limited. (But I'm hating that the jeans stretch out too quickly and I'm stuck with loose pants for the rest of the day, jerks.) However, I'm getting to the point where I'm not loving this whole maternity dressing, Ie: It's getting old and quite inconvenient. Alas, I only have 8 weeks to go!
Jacket Juicy Couture, Sweater and Jeans Old Navy, Shirt Marshall's, Boots Nine West, Belt and Scarf Vintage, Bag Old Navy 


nic said...

I hear ya on the jeans and that maternity dressing is becoming a pain! But you look great and give me incentive to keep going!

Zoe, All for Style said...

Awww.. Hang in there! You're looking fabulous irrespective of the inconvenience and as you said, just 8 weeks more! Huuray!!!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

You are the most Fashionable pregnant woman I have ever seen !

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

You look so classic and chic! I can only hope I look the same when/if I'm pregnant one day ;)
Oh and I hate the stretchy jean thing- pisses me off too!