Hi Megan,

I’m curious to get your opinion on Kohl’s? Do you ever shop there? Do you have any favorite brands that they carry?
             Thanks, Curious reader

I'm actually a big fan of Kohl's, I find that they have on target trends for pretty amazing prices. I love that they rarely have anything full price and there's sales always going on. So it's pretty much the ideal place for a frugal fashionista. As far as favorite brands go, I'm going to have to say LC Lauren Conrad's line (obvious pick but I love it).  I find that the clothing is made well, pretty...and some what resembles Lauren's style, which I love. Other favorites of mine would be the Elle line and Apartment 9's jewelry. Apartment 9 always has designer inspired jewelry for a lot less, which is great. I can't believe that the first time I stepped foot in a Kohl's was this year, what have I been missing...

Here are a few (ok a little more than a few) of my favorite pieces for Summer 2010 from Kohl's (If you love them click to buy!)

I love this dress, I love the corset top and full skirt. Ah-mazing. And Cheap! $44.99
Lauren Conrad at ShopStyle
A couple of  you girls asked where to get a fabulous floral full skirt, right here! And it's embellished with studs to add some edge to the feminine. $32.99
Lauren Conrad at ShopStyle
I'm a big fan of this bag, I love the white and black with the gathering. Tie a cute scarf on the straps, for some extra flair.  $62.30
Vera Wang at ShopStyle
I've been dying to get a pair of white skinny jeans (actually two...) I'm loving the distressed feel of these, I also want a 'clean' pair too. $24.99
Levi's at ShopStyle
I'd pair these with just about anything, Dress, Shorts, Jeans - Done. I'd actually like to go bohemian with them, maybe. $39.99
Vera Wang at ShopStyle
These were from Spring but they're on sale for $20, and I love the cutout and clog-ish 'feel' they have. $19.97
Vera Wang at ShopStyle
I love ruffles and I love rompers, I'd love to layer some chain necklaces, a thick black belt, and wedges. $28