Don't give up on millennial pink just yet, here's 12 spaces that will have you opting for blush hues for your home

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If you're following along on Instagram you might already know I have professed my love for blush pink and how it's def going to be a major player for our living room revamp. One of the first things I fell in love with in our new space was the exposed brick section of wall. I was ready to sign the lease RIGHT THEN when I saw that perfectly preserved brick across from the huge bay windows. It instantly transported me back to one of my favorite homes in the New Orleans Garden District. This not-so-little garage has so much incredible character. That pink, that exposed brick - it's heaven. It quickly became the inspiration for our living room. A taste of New Orleans in Astoria, New York. You can sure bet that the whole redecoration will be based on my love for the colors, textures and character of the The Big Easy. 

That said, Millenial and Blush pinks are still very much IN and in my opinion the perfect neutral for any space. It's the right amount of color without being too over the top. But, as a maximalist, it's exactly the right starting point for taking things to an even brighter level. 

So I'll start you off with a BEFORE picture so you can not only see that terrible greige hue we're working with, but also the possibilities provided by the blush rose from the pops of color in the artwork. Can you see the pink in perfect contrast with the exposed brick? The balance will make it such an exciting focal point of the room!
Here's 11 more spaces that prove Blush Hues are forever on point for decorating your home. 

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