Pack Your Bags and Take Your Family To Woodloch This Season For The Perfect Getaway

I'm a city girl through and through- you know this. But give me the chance to head out to nature for some fresh air and beautiful scenery, I'll absolutely take it. It's true: New Yorkers love to trade in the concrete catwalk in favor of the great outdoors every now and then. So when Woodloch invited the family and I to head to their gorgeous resort nestled in the Poconos this past week, I was 100% on board. The school year was at an end, so it was the perfect time to drop everything and get a little R&R with my family.


It was my first time staying at an all-inclusive family resort in the mountains. So of course I envisioned that everything was going to be as perfect as it was in Dirty Dancing and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Naturally, the 60-year old family-owned resort came through and exceeded every expectation. By the time we were done, I was already looking up available dates to book another trip to the cozy lake-side resort.
First off, It's beautiful. It's tucked away from society in the best kind of way. Sure, you still have plenty of service and wifi is great; but you're not even going to want to spend a second looking down at your phone. You'll be way too busy for that. Honestly, this is the best place to disconnect and re-connect with your family. It doesn't matter if it's for a couple of days, a long weekend or whole week. The Serene lakeside view will have you relaxed in no-time.

It's all-inclusive, so meals are already included in your rate. You can choose from 2-or-3 meal plans. We opted for the 3 meals a day plan and it was more than enough! One of my favorite things about dining at Woodloch was the Dining Room. We had the same wonderful server and table our entire trip,  were treated to theme nights, character parades and music. Our favorite meal of the trip was the cookout- hands down. I mean, it was incredible. They even had a little petting zoo off to the side for post-lunch snuggles with bunnies, donkeys and a baby calf.
The list of activities is endless. If you're bringing kids anywhere you're always dreading the phrase "I'm Bored".  I honestly don't think I heard them utter those words once during our time at Woodloch. It was more along of the lines of "WHAT ARE WE DOING NEXT?".

We arrived right before dinner, ate, and started our getaway with a dip in the pool. We finished the evening with a late showing of Captain Marvel in their cozy screening room. We were up early the next morning planning out our day at the breakfast table trying to decide what we had to do first. Of course it was go-karts because it was all the boys talked about for the weeks leading up to the trip. But their entire list of included activities is LONG. We barely scratched the surface with our time on the paddle boats, bumper boats, row boats, bumper cars, sail boats, paddle boards and lake-side fun. They also have an indoor and outdoor pool, both with soft splash pads for the little guys and a water slide inside for our resident dare-devil. They of course have huge game rooms, exercise room, water skiing and plenty of other amazing daily activities to choose from.

Some excursions do have age-limits and are reserved for 13 and up, but it only gives us something to look forward to with the boys. We went from one activity to the next from morning to night. It was a blast! There is something going on from 8am-10pm+ every night and the itinerary changes daily, so I expect you'll find at least one  or two things that catch your eye.
The rooms are huge! We stayed in the Edgewater (located in the Springbrook building), a 1 bedroom suite with two queen beds, 2 bathrooms, two sofa beds, walk in closets and a balcony over looking the pool and lake. It was bigger than our current apartment. The kids opted to keep the living room for themselves - they loved that little piece of independence. All of the bathrooms are stuffed full of everything you need. I was personally blown away with their sustainability efforts most visibly in their organic and eco-friendly packaging on all toiletries. For me, that's a huge selling point because not a lot of resorts are heading in that direct just yet. I even noticed that they used paper straws and had recycling options around the entire resort. It's the little things that make a huge difference, or at least in my eyes. 
So, if you're looking for a little spot to get away from the hustle and bustle - Woodloch is just a short hop, skip and a jump away.
This post is sponsored by Woodloch. All opinions are my own.