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As someone who's not quite ready to buy, I'm always on the lookout for easy ways to make our tiny little rental feel like a forever home. It makes such a huge difference to come home and feel settled the moment you walk through the door.  So just because you're renting doesn't mean you have to feel like it's only temporary. Over the last several years at Casa Zietz I've discovered quick and easy ways to make our not-forever space feel like it's our very own little space. So, I've partnered with  CORT Furniture Rental to share some of my favorite tips on how to make your not-so-permanant digs feel like a home: be it a dorm-room, interim rental or anywhere you plan on putting some roots down. 

Now, before we dive in I'm going to introduce you to CORT because they're definitely a brand that you're going to want to keep in mind throughout the post and on your decorating journey. They are the nation's leading provider of transition services, including but not limited to furniture rental for the home and office, event furnishings, destination services, apartment locating, and touring. They have everything you need to make the perfect curated, turn-key space.

 Forget the hassle of assembling furniture and think more sustainable (cost and environmental). Honestly, it's the renters dream and basically mine, because I'm constantly feeling the itch to change things around but don't love the idea of building more furniture and wasting what I already own. Let's be honest we don't need any extra particleboard shoe cabinets or coffee tables sitting in a landfill. CORT is super user friendly, can be done online or in one of their showrooms. If you follow me on Instagram you might have spied my quick walk-through that left me wanting to bring everything home. If you missed it, you can find it on my CORT highlight

But I digress... Here are my favorite Quick and Easy Ways To Making Your Rental Feel Like A Forever Home...
Use A Furniture Rental Service 

Hear me out on this one, because it's a genius idea. Think Rent The Runway but for your home. Whether you're planning on staying for 6 months, a whole semester or a full year, CORT Furniture Rental has your back with short and long-term furnishings for every room and budget. Or, if you're like me and have the itch to constantly change your space, this is the ideal way to go without constantly investing furniture pieces and decor. Hello gorgeous, high-quality furnishings and decor options that fit your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. There is so much to choose from that you will spend a good couple of hours getting lost in all of the options and styles. There's so many interchangeable possibilities! I know, the things that get me excited... Ok, but tell me how does CORT work? To sum it up, it takes 4 easy steps:

1. Tell Them About Your Move

How long? Where to? & What do you need?

2. Select Your Package 

Whole house, room(s) or just a few personalized pieces to round out the space?

3. Schedule Your Move

They'll deliver everything! You can just sit back and relax.

4.  Schedule A Pick Up 

When you're ready for a change, let the know and they'll come get everything!

Here are my faves from the NYC showroom... (they also have a teal velvet couch that I NEED) 
Play With Paint 

If it wasn't already apparent from previous posts, I LOVE paint. While most landlords aren't on board with you re-painting walls, I highly suggest you go for it anyway and paint them back to the way you found them when it's moving time. It's a reasonable "ask for forgiveness vs permission" type situation since it's such an easy fix. Paint has the ability to transform a room like nobody's business. Every single room in our tiny space was instantly made larger once a coat or two of paint went on the walls. Afraid to go full in? Paint yourself an accent wall, your space will instantly feel more homey.
Removable Wallpaper Is Your BFF

This is another personal favorite and is perfect for those of you who are afraid to jump into a full-on paint project. Big plus: removable wallpaper goes on everything and anything. I've covered spaces like my hideous closet doors and our terribly outdated brown tile backsplash. Super-easy, super-versatile. It instantly changes a space without being a permanent fixture. Put it off, leave it for a year, a month, or a week and pull it off like a dream. Most are reusable so you can put them up again in a different spot.
Get Creative With Your Walls

Want your space to look lived-in? Hang up some art, mirrors and photos. I know, I know you're not supposed to put holes in the walls at some places, but there are lots of ways around that these days, like Command hooks. They have art and frame hooks that help you hang your favorite pieces for an instant gallery wall without the damage. Don't be afraid to play with textures either: I have vintage baskets that my grandparents brought back from their South and Central American travels in the 70's that made the perfect statement-piece above our sofa in the living room. Fun fact: Mirrors make rooms look larger so if you're ever wondering why we have a 2-3 mirrors in each room, it's because it opens up the space by acting window-like. The best thing about wall hangings is they're easily swapped out and constantly interchangeable.
You Can Never Have Enough Plants 

I make it a habit to always have fresh flowers and plants spread across our apartment. Aside from having amazing health perks like cleaning the air, they also make your space look alive and inviting. If you're not great with plants I highly recommend getting yourself a Pothos Plant because you can water them all the live long day and they'll love you for it! They can even live in just water! Snake plants, you can forget to water them and they'll still have a good lifespan. I'm admittedly bad with succulents and orchids but if you're talented with those, load them up!
Switch Out The Hardware & Light Fixtures

When we first moved in 6 years ago we found that the knobs on our kitchen were a little on the sharp side. I swear we cut a finger every time we opened a cabinet or drawer. That was the first order of business when we started making our space feel more at home. We swapped out all 20 of our knobs for something more smooth and stylish. They're just little black knobs but I can't help but love how they pop against our light grain wood cabinets and watercolor (removable wallpaper) backsplash. I also couldn't help myself with updating some of the handles on other furniture too, with a DIY for our wardrobes that needed a sleeker finish. We also updated some of our light fixtures. Usually it's an easy swap but I would definitely suss the situation out beforehand. Worst case scenario, add a cool floor lamp that fits your style and aesthetic. You could even rent one from CORT...
Head over to the CORT blog for more info and inspiration! 

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