The Cutest Summer Diaper Prints That You're Ever Going To See

That's right! Pampers Pure is getting a refresh and has launched new diaper prints. I'll tell you one thing: I'm here for It's the perfect way to kick off all off your summer feels for you and baby. Hello, road trips with the happy camper style and endless brunches with croissants & jam or avocado toast. They're insanely cute and you're going to want them all in your life. Or you can play favorites because now on you can choose your prints! 

The Pampers Pure PICK YOUR PRINTS bundles let you choose up to 4 adorable prints from 8 designs that Chrissy Teigen helped bring to life! Each bundle includes 4 packs of Pampers Pure diapers with your selected prints and 4 packs of Aqua Pure Wipes. Plus, you can snag $7 off *every* bundle when you subscribe (for a limited time).

So, a package of tacos here, a package of bulldogs there- until your heart is content! Go ahead, get nostalgic and swaddle your little guy in a pair adorned in cute little toy blocks. The sky's the limit! Well, there's 8 but you catch my drift...

And yes, they still pack the same Pampers Pure protection you know and love crafted with premium cotton, soft plant-based and other thoughtfully selected materials. Yep, you still get the same Premium cotton and zero fragrances, no parabens, no natural rubber latex and no chlorine bleaching. Great diapers like before, just with more prints.

As you can see, Indy approves.
Some of the new prints! 
Which is your favorite?

This post is sponsored by Pampers Pure. All opinions are my own.