The Custom Floral Wrap Dress From Eshatki that belongs in your summer wardrobe

The dress without fail is probably one of the biggest staples in my closet. I'm constantly on the hunt for new styles, prints and colors to add to my lineup especially once spring and summer finally roll around. I've talked about Eshatki here a few times in the past but I have to say this dress is my favorite to come from their site. I was able to customize it a bit to make it ankle length on my petite frame so I can wear flats and sneakers without it dragging.
I LOVE how it came out. Honestly, they have a good thing going and it's pretty budget friendly especially when it comes to custom tailoring pieces, this was $114 and all things considered it's a steal.

I wore this crimson floral beauty all across Charleston and I'm definitely packing it for my trip to New Orleans next week, what do you want to see me wear with it? Sneakers? Heels?