The Best Survival Tips For Raising Toddler Boys That You Wish Someone Had Told You

This post is sponsored by Pampers Pure

I'm a ride-or-die boy mom but let's be honest here for a second: there's a ton of things that I wish I had known going into boy-mom hood- especially once they're mobile.
I grew up with a brother I thought I knew everything I needed to, but nope, turns out I don't know a thing and I honestly don't know how my mom made it look so easy. 

And, this is all after everyone and their mother told me that raising boys was much easier than raising girls. What they all forgot to mention is that those people all had girls and had zero clue. 

I'm on my third toddler boy and I'm not going to sugarcoat it, he's the most work. He's the perfect mix of both of his brothers' best and worst qualities and I spend a good chunk of time chasing after him to put out his 'fires' and trying to catch my breath. Guys, it was so much easier at 22 and 24. But after lots of trial and error, yep,  I'm still learning new things. So I've come up with some serious survival tips for raising toddler boys. 
1. The Right Diapers
NO Seriously, hear me out. These kids are on the move and don't stop for a beat so you have zero time to constantly change a diaper that's leaking, falling off or is easy to take off. Because they do that. A lot. I've been saying this for a year now, Pampers Pure is the way to go. Aside from staying dry against Indy's skin while he's on the move, the diapers are made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, natural rubber latex or the 26 allergens identified by the European Union. Even the most rough and tumble kids have sensitive skin, so I can rest easy that his little tush is taken care of with thoughtfully selected materials. Did I mention they work and I haven't had a leak yet? 

Also, how adorable are the prints? There are 4 different styles per size (2 per package) and I have to say the otters in size 3 are legit my favorite. Cutest #OTTERBUM on the block. 
2. You're Going To Need A LOT Of Wipes
When I say a lot I mean, think of what you think might be a lot and then multiply it by at least four. And that's probably a conservative estimate. You're going be using them for not only diaper duty, but for snot, food, markers and even blood.  You're going to need a package for every bag you own, the car and stroller. Pampers Pure Aqua Pure Wipes are legit my saving grace for all things toddler messes. Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are 99% pure water and premium cotton. The Aqua Pure wipes are designed to help maintain the pH of baby’s delicate skin, including newborn & toddlers bottoms, hands and faces. Now, if your wipes are not, it’s probably time to move on to wipes that do. Just saying...
3. Always Have Snacks On Hand
Each one of mine has an appetite equivalent to several adult men. Whether it's fruit, crackers, beans - whatever, make sure you have it- and a lot of it- on hand, all the time. Hangry Toddler Meltdowns are listed highest on the list of things I dread with kids.
4. Prints and Dark Colors are your BFF
Everything is going to get stained. EVERYTHING - furniture, your new white sneakers (what even is that on them?), and of course, rugs. Clothes are the least of it, but let's make your life easier with this choice advice: skip the whites and dress them in prints and dark colors. It's going to save you a lot of time in the long run and they're still going to look super cute while doing so.
5. Be Prepared To See A Lot Of Bruises, Goose Eggs and Some Blood
After the first two I've mostly become immune to seeing random bruises and scrapes. But it never ceases to amaze me of their ability to find a hidden or shielded corner of a table with their heads. Whether they're tiny daredevils or not, they somehow manage to have some sort of something showing up at the most random time. Being a boy mom is not for the faint heart.
6. Entertainment Doesn't Have To Be Over The Top
90% of the time they're basically on the go and love helping you get your cardio in for the day but you really don't have to over think entertaining a toddler. If they're moving they're likely happy, so dancing, little chases around the apartment, climbing in and out of boxes, and stacking up blocks for him to knock over the second you place the last block are pretty epic days in his book. You might get lucky and get a story in or play some cars, but chances are you're going to be on your feet.

And they LOVE your stuff, whether it's shoes, bags or jewelry, it's something fun and different to play with between cars and blocks..
Boy moms, what are your survival tips for raising toddlers? Aside from always having Pampers Pure