Ten Clever and Unique Ways To Use Baby Wipes That You Haven't Thought Of Yet

When it comes to multi-uses for household staple items I'd like think we get pretty clever with extending past 'original intended use'.  Removing pilling from sweaters with a sponge? Yep. Unsticking a zipper with soap? Check. Fixing a squeaky door with cooking spray? Absolutely. Which brings me to one of the most used items in the house: Baby Wipes. Turns out they are extremely useful beyond diapers and sticky hands...

I'll admit I only found out about half of these uses because Indy has a special gift of getting ahold of a wipes container and managing to pull out 20+ wipes in 30 seconds or less. To say he makes it rain wipes is a bit of an understatement and it doesn't help that he LOVES his Pampers Pure Aqua Pure Wipes. The first thing he does is press them against his little face and rub them around. We'll usually say "One" and he'll repeat the word but grab a handful before taking off into the next room.. So, while he's not up to snuff on his counting skills, he does have good taste in wipes because Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes are made with 99% pure water and premium cotton, and are designed to help maintain the pH of baby’s delicate skin. Fact: they make diaper duty, post-snack and meal wipe-downs a breeze.

Since I hate wasting wipes, I've managed to find a handful of super easy and clever uses to put the wipes to good use. Indy has even jumped in to give me a hand with a few of them.

Ten Clever and Unique Ways To Use Baby Wipes

1. Spot Clean Stains On Clothes, Upholstery and Carpets
Food splatter from feeding time or a coffee spill on the carpet? Just blot it out with wipes.

2. Makeup Remover
What's easier than sink time in the bathroom? Wipes to remove a day's worth of makeup.

3. Cleaning Kids and Baby Toys
There's a million ways toys get sticky, gunky and just gross. Wipes are a hefty problem solver, one that even the kids can do on their own.

4. Deodorant Stains
Instantly remove white streaks with wipes.

5. Clean Your Baseboards
Indy did this one on his own and I followed suit after I spotted him giving the walls and baseboards a good cleaning. He's hired.

6. Mess-Free Dusting
Pre-war means lots of dust. Wipe down your frames, furniture and any other dust magnets with a few wipes and voila! dust-free rooms.

7. Smudge and Finger Print Repellent
Your glasses, phones, and screens will thank you...

8. Tame Your Flyaways
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall I struggle with a flyaway courtesy of baby hairs. A swipe of a wipe through and I'm back to smooth sailing.

9. Keep The Inside Of Your Heels and Flat Clean
Dust, gunk, or whatever it is. My heels get a gross buildup from regular wear, or color transfers from tights. WIPE it out with a wipe.

10. Cat Hair Be Gone
Our cats lay ALL OVER THE FURNITURE. As expected. But they shed like maniacs. Wipes have been exceptional for wiping cat hair off of upholstered furniture.

What else do you use Baby Wipes for? Have you tried Pampers Pure Aqua Pure Wipes yet?
This post is sponsored by Pampers Pure. All opinions are my own.