Here's How to Wear the Mismatched Shoe Trend And Where To Shop Similar Styles under $100

Yep, I'm mismatching my shoes on purpose and I kind of love it. Honestly, I never would have thought of it if I didn't just buy the black and white versions of these Dolce Vita boots after falling in love with the red pair last year. I stalked Poshmark for a couple of months and FINALLY found both colors in pristine shape for less than $50 a piece (I originally paid well over $200 for the red pair, eek). 

Anyway, the trend itself was going strong last year and I didn't jump on board until now but I'm here for it, especially with these boots together. Trust me, you're going to see them together again. 

Now, it's insanely easy to test the waters of mismatched shoe trend without having to wear two different shoes. You can swap out ankle straps, buy 'already mismatched' contrasting shoes or play around with shoe clips, the sky it the limit. Go as subtle or EXTRA as you please. Below I'm sharing some of my favorite finds and ideas for under $100 so you can try mixing things up yourself. 

12 Ways Under $100 To Try The Mismatched Shoe Trend

Go ahead, have some fun...