Easy Winter Layering: Chunky Oversized Sweater and ASOS Snakeskin Maxi Dress

Give me a way to extend an item's shelf life and I'll call it a win. You've already seen me wear this chunky oversized grey sweater a number of ways over the past year. It's still one of my favorite purchases from H&M and there's no retiring it anytime soon. It's way too warm. But this snakeskin dress from ASOS is all sorts of amazing. It's a little too cold to wear it on it's own but I wasn't going to let that stop me from stepping out in this golden hue. Originally I wore it the first few times with patterned tights that were just the right amount of contrast for the skirt but I couldn't find them on shoot day and I just went with a black sheer. Still works.

Since the dress is a wrap dress I was able to tuck the sweater into the 'tie belt'. For other dresses I usually recommend you layer up with a chunkier belt to tuck the sweater and keep things looking more tailored.