Bright and Bohemian Living Room with Rattan Panton Inspired S-Chairs under $350

I've been looking to update our living room for a year or so now but with the welcoming of a new year I knew it had to be sooner than later. 

  I'll start off by saying, If you're a long time reader you might remember this amazing orange chair but after nearly 5 years of kid and cat wear we had to send it packing. Trust me, it was crushing setting it curbside. So we did a little re-arranging for Christmas and decided to move our tulip table next to the window where our beloved chair once lived. After the tree and decorations were gone we immediately knew that corner where the once table lived needed an upgrade and stat! So, in came Wayfair to save the day with these amazing Rattan Dining S-chairs ($320 for the set of two). I love a Panton inspired S-chair and the neutral hue + rattan texture makes them even better. It's really hard not to love them. And surprisingly, they're extremely comfortable. 

While the corner isn't nearly as bright, I love the newest additions paired with a wall mirror and floating shelf. When we do finally get around to moving we'll locate the chairs to our round table so the whole family can enjoy them. Until then, they're the spot for entertaining or catching up on book club reads.