The Quick And Easy Five Minute Makeover For Your Bedroom

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gryphon for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.
When it comes to home decor I'm constantly in need of change. Whether it's rearranging the furniture, swapping textiles or painting walls, I'm almost always 'updating' our space. I like to think of it as constantly evolving. But on a more realistic level, I know my Libra scales are at fault for my serial indecisive behavior. Thankfully, David has been more than supportive: walking in to find rooms rearranged while he was out at an afternoon of meetings, or me deciding to paint our bedroom ceiling a week before Indiana was born. But, truth be told, the constant decorating is not only time consuming, but borderline exhausting. That's why it's a good thing that all the practice has given me the ability to change an entire room with a simple swap of textile, wall hanging and/or change of bedding. It's been my little shortcut to keep it from turning into a taxing day or week long home improvement adventure. Just swap out your bedding and boom, it's a whole new room! Did I mention it's more cost effective?

Over the last five years in our tiny NYC abode, we've documented our switching up the living room quite a few times, adding extra storage to our itty bitty kitchen, and turning our bedroom into a spare nursery to welcome our third addition. It's been an amazing adventure and I figured one last hurrah before we pack up and move at the end of the year would be the best option to keep me satisfied while we focus on the grueling process of apartment hunting in the city.

For me, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It's where you lay your head at night and wake up every morning. It's where I get dressed, occasionally write posts, respond to emails and read stories to our munchkins. It should be cozy, inviting and speak to your personal style.

So, when Gryphon reached out about their bedding, you better believe I jumped at the chance to give my bedroom a quick and easy overhaul with simply a change of bedding. Before I show everything off, I have to talk about how amazing Gryphon's bedding is, because I am officially won over. I basically dove into bed after putting everything together and never wanted to leave...
Three Reasons Why I Love Gryphon

One: Gryphon's bedding - sheets, shams and duvets- are expertly designed with the highest quality supima cotton & fabrics made from the best sustainably-sourced materials. Gryphon also completely eliminates the need for a middle man (when it comes to production) by owning and operating its factories and selling directly to the consumer, keeping the cost fair with unmatched quality and affordability.  

Two: Shopping made easy. Gryphon's user-friendly platform enables you to identify fabric preference by style, comfort, or in my case, both. Consumers are also given the opportunity to put Gryphon's bedding to the test via a personal try at home kit and/or a 100-day satisfaction guarantee with the purchase of sheet sets, duvets and shams. Which is kind of a huge deal.

Three: Offerings come in a variety of colors (white, light grey, sky blue, charcoal grey and navy blue) and three signature qualities to meet the needs of each individual consumer. After all, we're all so different with our bedding preferences - make your bed your way

Meet The Collections

Luxury Suite: A dressier more polished look and feel with a touch of sheen. (100% supima cotton)  

Comfort Washed: Pre-washed, cool-to-touch relaxed fabric. (100% supima cotton)

Easy Living: Soft, low maintenance and wrinkle-resistant fabric with a hint of sheen. (80% supima cotton and 20% performance polyester)
And finally...

Let's dive into the new look! What I picked and why: As far as colors go, I wanted a hue that could move with us and that we would love in both spaces. I went with one of our personal favorites, navy, for the duvet and sheets. It's calming, cozy and gives just the right pop of color. For the style I went with Luxury Suite for the sheets and Comfort Washed for our Duvet. Both are extremely cozy, one is more matte while the other has a bit of shine.
What do you think? How often do you change your bedding to give your room a refresh when needed? 

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