Best Grooming Gifts Under $130 That He'll Actually Use

Who else loves getting grooming gifts during the holidays? I personally LOVE getting razors. One: because I hate (slash constantly forget about) buying them and two: they're one of those things that constantly need replacing and well, aren't cheap. Fact: I refuse to buy my own and use David's on the regular. So, I basically buy him razors for me to use...

So, when Oral-B and Gillette at Sam's Club tapped me to create a guide with my favorite grooming gift ideas I had two personal faves that I HAD to share not only because they're great but also because they are on super sale in-club and online until December 24th. Also, they're the kind of gifts that will get great mileage. We all want to give items during the holidays that people ACTUALLY use, right? No random creams or specialty sets that will collect dust here.

My favorite grooming gifts under $130 from Sam's Club and some of my fave brands...

Press PLAY.

First up, Razors. Razors are basically a win for everyone, but this Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Razor 11ct. Set is a major win because it's under $40 for nearly a year of razors. These babies are getting wrapped and gifted to all the men in my life. But let's be real, anyone would be thrilled to unwrap this box of smooth Christmas morning, including David, er, actually me.

Next, working on that Mega-Watt Smile. This 2-Pack of Oral-B ProAdvantage 6000 Power Rechargeable toothbrushes is an awesome value at $129.99 (usually $149.99). I actually have a special place in my heart for Oral-B and gifting during Christmas. I remember when my brother and I were about 11 and 9, my mom and dad gave us our very own Oral-B electric toothbrushes for Christmas. I have no idea why, but we LOVED them and felt so cool every time we hit that button to brush our teeth. So, this year you better believe I'm giving these to the boys and hoping they have the same experience my brother and I had all those years ago. Fingers Crossed.

Tips To Making Your Grooming Gifts Extra Special!
+ Personalize your wrapping! With monogrammed grooming kits or travel bags.

+ Add similar items to stockings or include with the gift wrap to make it a full set: like floss and toothpaste.

+ Include a gift card for refills and additional toiletries.

Shop your Grooming Gifts at Sam's Club in-club or online. Not a member? No problem, you can join online and start taking advantage of the savings right away.
This post is sponsored by Oral-B and Gillette at Sam’s Club, but opinions are my own.