Two No-Sew Clown Costume Ideas

The Clowns:

What you need:  
Rainbow Yarn
Paper party hat
Two empty toilet paper rolls
Safety Pins
Tulle (about 24”)

For the poms, wrap about 24-30” inches of yarn around two toilet paper rolls.  

With 6-8” of yarn tie the yarn off at the middle.  

Remove from toilet paper rolls and cut. Repeat.

Pin to shirt 3” down from the collar and 3” below the first pom.
For the hat.  
With a paper party hat, wrap and glue on tulle pieces around the base.

Glue pom at top.  

Finally secure the hat to the headband with glue (e6000 gets the job done)
Wear with a puffy skirt and fun makeup.

What you need:  
Long Sleeve Black Shirt
3” Round Paper Craft Decorations (I got these at Michael for $4)
White Felt Garland 24”

Lay shirt flat and place first circle 2” apart starting from collar.  

Next line up the felt garland with the collar and secure around the collar with glue. Leave room to stretch to put head in.  

Add extra pom pieces to center of circles.

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