How Does Pampers Pure Protection Hold Up To Their Leading Competitor?

One of the perks of having older kids in the house with a toddler is an extra set of (willing) hands when it comes to diapers change. Honestly, it's a game changer. Fact: Aiden had been begging us to help out with diapers since the get-go and when we finally said yes things got so much easier. He's actually kind of amazing at diaper changes, I think that Indy (not-so) secretly prefers him to us. I'm more than ok with that...

Since we're a Pampers Pure household, it's no secret that we do not compromise when it comes to anything and everything on what's best for our boys. Sure, that's sounds like the typical mom thing to say but let's be honest, we refuse to compromise on the things we believe our kids need. 

For me, I wanted a diaper that was adorable, had ingredients I don't have to worry about and, most importantly, didn't leak every 20 minutes. I wanted that Pampers Pure Protection with diapers made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, latex (natural rubber) or any of the 26 allergens identified by the European Union. Pampers Pure collection is made with premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials, adorable prints, and provides the Pampers performance parents know and trust. 
So, when Pampers Pure asked me to put them to the test against their leading competitor, I asked our resident diaper-changer and future scientist to do the honors. After all, he can appreciate less changes more than anyone (well, maybe Indiana too). Less Diaper Changes = More Playtime. 

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What We Did: 
We compared Pampers Pure & the leading competitor, Honest, in the size 4 diaper variety. We used 150ml of liquid on each diapers to mimic the pee from baby's diaper. Waited 30 seconds and applied a paper towel to each diaper to check the dryness of each diaper..
What We Found: 
Pampers Pure Protection working hard. Note the left paper towel has way less liquid than the right, showing Pampers Pure absorbing almost all of the 150ml of liquid poured into the diaper. Meaning a drier, more comfortable diaper for baby's bum.
Left: Pampers Pure Size 4 // Right: Honest Size 4 
Pampers Pure Protection for the WIN!
This post is sponsored by Pampers Pure.