No-Sew DIY Lion Costume

The Lion:

What you need:  
Small Cardboard Pieces 

1. On the first yellow shirt trace and cut a large half circle from the collar to mid-chest on both sides (it should resemble a dickey.)  
2. Next, cut ½” to 1” vertical pieces up to the collar on the front and back.  
3. Repeat with orange t-shirt. Reserve the last yellow t-shirt at the base.  
For The Ears:  
  1. Cut two small half circle pieces (about 2”) pieces of cardboard to create the ear base.  
2. Next from the yellow and orange scrap pieces cut 2 ½ - 3” pieces to cover the cardboard.  
3. Glue the yellow on first and then the orange over it.  
4. Now glue the ears to the headband. Optional: Add a couple fringe pieces to the top of the headband.  

You can wear the mane two ways: either layered around the next or on the head with the headband. Both are adorable!  

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