Best Throwback Costume Ideas For You and Your Best Friend

As promised Jackie and I's Halloween costumes are here! 

This year, after much deliberation we decided to throw it back to the past and bring out some personal favorites from our childhood and beyond...Those are the best kind, right?


We even invited Indy back for a cameo or two...

Again, I'm all about shopping my closet or pieces that I can re-use post holiday so these are easily transitioned from costume party to real-life (with the exception of a few items). 

First up, one of my favorite Halloween movies that I have been dying to use as a costume since Jackie and I started, Death Becomes Her. Ugh, I love this movie! I first saw it when I was a kid and immediately was like W.T.FFFF, but I loved every second of it's dark comedy weirdness. If you haven't seen this cult classic starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis you have to add it to your watch list ASAP. Hold onto your shovels folks, this one is going to blow you away...

Death Becomes Her
Megan as Helen Sharp : Dress  // Candleabra // Shoes 

Jackie as Madeline Ashton : Dress // Shoes 

Next up, an even funnier pick, Troop Beverly Hills. I can watch this one on repeat. I adore Phyllis Nefler's wacky hijinx all while wearing couture. So naturally, I had to channel my inner wilderness leader with bold earrings, fabulous heels and my own spin on their uniform. Now, I'm ready to do  "The Freddy", throw a fancy party and go head to head with a skunk...

Troop Beverly Hills
Megan as Phyllis Nefler: Blazer (similar) // Skirt (similar) // Shoes //  Hat // Scarf //  Fake Cigarette Holder

Jackie as Hannah Nefler: Dress // Beret // Shoes // Belt 

If you didn't play Candyland as a kid, did you even have a childhood? I'll admit I never fully understood the game, I'm more of a Monopoly gal myself but who can resist the allure of Princess Frostine and Princess Lolli? It's colorful, fun and ridiculously easy to re-create. Also, it's edible, kind of...

Megan as Princess Lolly: Dress // Shoes (similar) // Crown & Wand (similar) // Banana Split Costume

Jackie as Princess Frostine: Dress // Crown // Shoes // Wand // Game

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