PureGoals With Pampers Pure

This post is sponsored by Pampers Pure. All opinions are my own. 
Being a mom means finding the perfect balance of what you think is best for your baby and what is physically possible. Trust me on this one, we can't do it all (or the very least all at once). We sure think we can, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of accomplishing a million things at once, a few things fall through the cracks, like our sanity on occasion. But we'll move mountains when it comes to doing what's best for our kids, right? ABSOLUTELY.

Enter #PureGoals.

With Indiana now one-year-old, I thought it would be a great time to talk about my favorite #PureGoals story and encourage you to share some of your own - whether it's here, via email or on social media I want you to chime in and share your story...

Now, you already know the story about how Pampers Pure creator, mom and scientist, Sara Giovanni, wanted the very best for her twin girls who, like myself, have sensitive skin. She didn't want to compromise for her girls and so she made it one of her goals to create Pampers Pure. Pampers Pure is a diapers and wipes collection made with premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials that are soft and gentle, protect against leaks and look cute and stylish.

Mission Accomplished.
For me and our brood of boys, it's a little less scientific. I've definitely had my share of crazy, neurotic mom moments for wanting what's best for the boys. I'm definitely that mom who makes sure there are no dyes in foods, no crazy ingredients, not a million grams of sugar, etc. before handing it over to the kids. I'll be wide awake if I hear the slightest stir from across the room. I'll go to dozens of stores looking for the perfect 7th birthday present. But our #PureGoals is a little more straightforward and actually includes the older boys.

For us, it's a simple as coming up with a name.

Baby naming can be an overwhelming process. To narrow it down, we decided to stick to vowels. It took a little time to get to Aiden and Evan, but we never seemed to exhaust our options as there are lots of great 'A' and 'E' names from which to choose. But, when it came to finding a boy name that not only started with an I, but also sounded nothing like Aiden and Evan. (We didn't realize this until way after the fact, but if you're calling them from across the apartment it's ridiculously easy to mix up the sounds of their name, which usually causes them either to not show up or both show up at the same time). We definitely didn't want to make that a thing of threes. We went back and forth on names for months. There was no name we found that everyone liked. We didn’t want to compromise and pick just any name...

Then one day, my husband discovered I hadn't seen any of the Indiana Jones movies and he made us all sit down on the couch as a family that weekend and watch them. Ok, I'll admit I'd never watch an Indiana Jones movie before that moment but not halfway through the third one, we all turned and looked at each other with the same expression on our faces. Both of the boys said it first, followed by our nods in agreement to our newfound name.


It was perfect. Nobody had anything bad to say about it and the boys felt like they were on top of the world for 'coming up' with their little brother's name. Now, they'll tell anyone who will listen about how Indiana is basically, Indiana Jones. Now 15 months later, Indy lives up to his adventurous and charming name.

That’s my #PureGoals story. What’s yours?