Outdoor Summer Essentials: AVON’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard Collection

This post is sponsored by AVON. All opinions are my own.
During the summer months, I think it's safe to say we spend most of our time outdoors. With that being said, I am so excited to be teaming up with AVON because their Skin So Soft Bug Guard Collection has me covered for anything and everything. If we're not on a picnic blanket in one of the city's amazing parks we're either at the beach, riding the ferry or hitting an outdoor movie after sunset.

We're constantly under the sun and facing the elements, which means we can't leave home without the proper protection. I'll tell you right now that SPF is my top skincare item, and I'm constantly applying regardless of the season. Another essential in my bag come the summer months is bug spray. I'm a real-life, walking and talking target for all bug life as soon as it's warm enough for them to spawn. With all of the rain and humidity in the city, this is the perfect place for mosquitoes to flourish and ruin a perfectly good outing. No one wants the constant harassment of hovering mosquitos followed by massive welts and what seems like a never-ending itch. It's definitely not on my bucket list...

So along with SPF, I need bug spray. A lot of it. As a kid growing up in Florida our cabinets were filled with AVON’s SkinSoSoft products to beat the constant swarm of mosquitos, and it worked, so you better believe I added the entire AVON Skin SO Soft Bug Guard Collection  to my bag of outdoor summer essentials this year.

Since my childhood, AVON’s, mosquito and insect repellent line has grown and offers a ton of amazing deet-free options starting at $14...

Go ahead, enjoy your time outdoors without the added aggravation of pests, bug bites and sunburn.
Let's talk a little about the AVON Bug Guard Collection and what each product does...

Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Expedition™ products
What it is: bug repellent with sunscreen (genius!)
and deer ticks for 10 hours.

hours and deer ticks for 12 hours.

Bug Guard Plus Picaridin products
What it does: repels insects at dawn or dusk when they are most

+ Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Pump Spray (4 oz.) repels mosquitoes for 8 hours and deer
ticks for 12 hours.

+ Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes repel mosquitoes for 8 hours and deer ticks for 12
hours. The re-sealable bag holds 8 packets.

+ Bug Guard Plus Aerosol Spray (4 oz.) repels mosquitoes for 6 hours and deer ticks for 7

Bug Guard IR3535®products:
What it is: water-resistant formulas with SPF 30 protection.

blue and disappears when rubbed onto skin. Perfect for kids who hate sunscreen application time!
The entire collection is available now on AVON.com or through your local
AVON Representative.