Two Ultra-Flattering Bathing Suits To Add To Your Suitcase

You guys had a lot to say about my suits from my trip and I'm sharing them today! 

When packing for Florida, I knew I needed an ultra colorful and flattering suit to add to my suitcase so I turned to SWIMUSA (Miraclesuit's parent company (see them in action here) for one of their more contemporary brands, KikiRio. These colors, styles and fits are AWESOME. My original two suits accidentally got shipped to LA but they overnighted these similar styles and I instantly fell in love. I basically spent the following few days on the beach refusing to take both styles off. Playing favorites? It was hard but I really loved the high neck and high waisted lace up pairing, only because it was a little more practical. Though, I will admit I love how the rainbow one photographed in front of that white fluffy cloud - swoon!

Check them out and pick your favorite...