The Lazy Girl's Guide To A Clean House

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol®. The opinions and text are all mine.
In a house full of boys, plus a clothes horse like me, you better believe we have the ability to make a mess, and fast. Sure, we live in a tiny space- and you would think that it wouldn't be as hard to clean as a big place but real talk: It's worse because it builds up so much faster. If we miss a day or two that tiny mess turns into a mammoth mess in a matter of days.

I can't be the only one.

Which is why today we're talking about some home cleaning hacks made especially for those of us who are too short on either time or energy to keep the house spotless. I often have neither. Sometimes I'm going to pick rest over the laundry from last night. I mean, processing packages alone is overwhelming. But, I have found a handful of hacks that make a world of difference when it comes to keeping a space clean, or even the illusion of a clean house. It's all about first impressions, whether it's your own or when company comes through the door. So targeting those areas are your best bet when you can't deep cleanse every nook and cranny of your space.

First up, the right cleaning supplies.
Ok, we try to keep it natural in our house. We have three small children and I'm wary about bringing cleaning supplies with high chemical counts into our home. I was pretty excited to learn about the new Lysol® Daily Cleanser Spray; free from ammonia, fragrances, dyes and harsh chemical residue (yay, no rinse step needed!). I've been using it on everything from countertops, door knobs, to the high chair and even for wiping down the bathroom sink.  It kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces without the chemical residue or smell - there's nothing worse than an overpowering smell when cleaning. It's safe for use on food surfaces making it a go-to for cutting boards, the counter, and even Indiana's play area.

Along with the new spray cleanser, Lysol also has a Daily Cleansing Wipes product - they're great for cleaning baby toys, surfaces and our barstools. Simply wipe the surface and let dry, voila! No rinse step needed.

I found mine at Target, but they're actually on sale via an in-store 20% off Cartwheel offer from 5/20-5/26 and a Buy One Get One 20% off offer 5/27-6/2. So go check them out, you will love them.

Now that we have our cleaning supplies let's work on the hacks...

The Kitchen

A recent poll on Apartment Therapy shows that over 80% of first impressions are worsened by a dirty stovetop and a sink full of dishes. I couldn't agree more, especially when our front door opens right into the kitchen putting our sink and stove front and center to whoever walks through that door. So a quick counter and stove wipe followed by a go at the dishes will help remedy that situation in a jiff and give the illusion of a tidy space. I also suggest a quick spot clean on the floor with a broom and then a cleanser in targeted 'stained' areas. Clutter isn't great either, so skip out on the unorganized dishes and counter space in favor of a few plants or fresh flowers.
The Bathroom
Our bathroom is TINY so it gets filthy fast, whether it's from the boys getting soap and toothpaste all over the sink, or the state of the toilet. For me, when I walk into a bathroom, I first notice the toilet for stains and odors and then the general state of the sink and other areas. I tend to not snoop into other people's showers and tubs, but I know that once mildew shows up in mine it's hard to break it out with the cleanser. Yuck. As a rule, always try and make sure your sink and toilet are the cleanest in the bathroom. Next, the floor and hanging items like towels - avoid having any stained or smelly towels hanging front and center when guests are using your bathroom and always remember to put out a hand towel for guests.

The Entryway
Our entryway and kitchen double as the same space but we have a little drop-off corner when you walk in the door to collect shoes, keys and jackets. It's not always the most organized space but I will say I notice it when I walk into my house and others. Tip: get shoe organizers (love our cabinet) and hooks to keep things organized. It will make a world of difference. Plus they’re easily wiped down with a Lysol Daily Cleanser Wipe or two.

The Living Room
Aside from the kitchen, you're likely going to be doing the most entertaining in your living room. It usually has the most space and furniture. Also meaning, it gets cluttered and dirty easier - especially in our house with three little guys. Tip: vacuum and spot clean any stains on the carpet, upholstery and furniture. Do a quick dust job on furniture, picture frames and mirrors - if needed. Grab a Lysol Daily Cleanser Wipe and give glass surfaces, remotes, knobs and handles a good wipe-down. Add some flowers, open the curtains and light a candle (lightly scented - no over powering scents here - I like a light citrus). Fluff your pillows and get ready to welcome your guests.

The Bedroom
This one is tricky for us because we're not only sharing a room with a baby but we're limited on storage for all of my shoes, clothes and handbags. We do our best with constantly donating, but on occasion there's an overflow, especially when I'm not diligent about putting everything away. Clothes explosion on a regular basis? Yep. Returning everything to its place right away is key to keeping your house clean, but sometimes you just don't have time to hang absolutely everything up, especially when you're expecting guests soon, so I sometimes 'cheat' and neatly pile clothes and accessories to targeted baskets. Toss a pretty throw blanket on top and now we're styling...
 The Kid's Room
Ok, we'll just close that door because no one wants to see that disaster zone. Kidding. Kind of. We basically try to clear the floor. If you're not stepping on Legos or tiny sharp objects it's a good day. The boys know the drill - make your bed, put your toys away and nothing on the floor. We have a very annoying cat that will take any opportunity to pee on the kid’s stuff if its on the floor, so they know that they're taking a huge risk by leaving clothes, hats and winter accessories on the floor. I like to wipe down their dresser, bed and window sills pre-guests to remove any gunk, stains or residue.
The Pet Area
As stated above, we have cats. I loved it when they were outdoor cats but now they're city cats with a litter box. I hate that damn thing, but what can you do? Aside from not having cats...

Yes, definitely clean it on a regular basis but also add baking soda to it like it's going out of style. It tones the odor way down to nearly invisible. Other area of concern: when they eat they tend to get their dry food everywhere. I have no idea how they do it but they do it, so we get designated trays and bowls to keep everything contained (the Lysol Daily Cleanser Wipes are great for that job!) . It keeps it looking a little more organized and less of a "what is going on that corner?"

There you have it folks, my lazy gal's guide to a clean house with a little help from Lysol Daily Cleanser Wipes and Lysol Daily Cleanser Spray.

Chime in below to your favorite cleaning hacks and don't forget to check out Lysol's new Daily Cleanser and Wipes at Target.