How To Add Some Sparkle To The End Of Winter

Ok, it's the end of winter and I'm officially done. We've had two snow storms in the past week and spring is so close I can taste it. I'm not sure what it tastes like but it has to be better than the last days of winter. So, as I muscle through these last gloomy days of 30˚weather I figured it was the perfect time for Jackie and I to share how we do it without going crazy...

First off add some freaking sparkle. These Nina booties are on the top of our list right now and I'm obsessed with them. First off, that embellished heel is everything! And like my other Nina favorites, they're so freaking comfortable. We actually wore these outfits during fashion week and our feet we're fine by the end of the day. They're on super sale now so I highly recommend you snatch them up before they're gone (embellished heels are going to be just as big in Fall 2018). 

Next: fabulous outerwear. I know the last thing you want to buy right now is winter, but honestly it's the best time to grab it on super sale. So this printed faux fur is giving me warmth with feelings of spring. YES! It's also on major sale at Nordstrom. 

Throw them on together and we're leaving winter in style..

Head over and see more deets on Jackie's look and how she feels about the last days of winter...

Megan: Jacket // Jeans // Boots // Hat // Belt // Bag // Sweater 

Jackie: Jeans // Shirt // Bag // Jacket // Shoes // Earrings