2 Ways To Add Color To Your Wardrobe

While Jackie and I are big fans of color, I can completely understand how some people might not be ready to go full on color wheel with their outfits. I've been there, I basically lived in black the first year of living in New York. Though I quickly broke out of that phase and embraced the colors of the rainbow in my closet and (photo) backdrops. I mean, my apartment is a full nod to my love for color...

So coming from a gal, er, two gals, that love color we thought today's post would be the best way to address adding just a smidge of color to your neutral wardrobe without the feeling of going over the top. 

Let's be real everyone has a touch of color in their closet somewhere, so let's start there. 

When it came to styling our Melie Bianco bags we both wanted to keep I mostly neutral but in creative ways. Me, I reached for a pair of overalls, a cream colored bell sleeve top and camel accessories to coordinate with my bag. For the color, I added a vibrant red wool blazer and a similar hued scarf to my boot for an extra pop. 

For Jackie, she kept it neutral with a pop of print from her plaid coat and adding the color with a scarf and bold lip. Super easy and just enough color to make an impact.

 Tip: If you're not a big color fan, start small. Try incorporating a bold lip, scarf or accessory and then build up to more predominant pieces like jackets, dresses and tops.

Head over and see Jackie's tips for adding color! 

Megan: Bag Melie Bianco // Overalls Wrangler // Boots Report // Hat ASOS // Shirt (similar) // Scarf (similar) // Blazer (similar)

Megan: Bag Melie Bianco // Overalls Wrangler // Boots Report // Hat ASOS // Shirt (similar) // Scarf (similar) // Blazer (similar)