10 + Easy Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

This post is sponsored by The Container Store. All opinions are my own.
With Spring less than a week away I’ve found myself hitting the refresh button on all things home. We took down the shelves in the living room to open up the space and have now set our sights on the kitchen. Ugh, this kitchen. It is easily one of the biggest issues in this apartment. The two biggest reasons being that it shares a space with our entryway and lacks the storage we need. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. We’ve definitely made improvements over the last several years, such as the hanging bar, a shoe cabinet and the rolling cart for oft used items, but we were definitely in need of digging a little deeper. That’s where The Container Store comes in. FYI, they are having a huge 25%-off kitchen sale so definitely check that out. They have everything you need to get your space organized, big or small. Honestly there’s a lot more that I could have done, but what we did accomplish has made a HUGE difference to the space. HUGE.

Ok, let’s talk about what I did and how to use these items to get your Kitchen ship shape for spring!

Drawer Organization
I swear this is everyone’s biggest dislike about Kitchens. I mean, don’t even get me started on the junk drawer. We all have and hate them. Amirite? I’m probably not alone in my wanting to make my drawers a little more organized, with all of the items easily located.

I went with the Interdesign Linus Large Drawer Organization Kit for my kitchen supplies and utensils. I used a couple of the left over pieces in our ‘junk’ drawer to organize pens, candles and sponges. For the larger drawer, I added the InterDesign Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susan for all my baking supplies which is probably my best move for keeping them all together and organized! Next to my baking supplies I added an InterDesign Clear Linus Deep Drawer Binz for my sandwich baggies, foil and saran wrap.

Food Storage
I’m all about seeing things front and center. So, Hermetic jars are a must when it comes to organizing the essentials like flour, rice, sugar, cereal and so on. Next, our spice storage was a hot mess with jars and containers falling all over themselves. I wanted something that would be easy to set up and easy to use - this Youcopia Spice Stacks is awesome. Next, the pile of tea and coffee containers were rescued from oblivion with these Tea Bag Storage Containers. All of your tea bags are visible and they’re also great for Nespresso pods! We also stepped up our post-cooking food storage game with a set of the Joseph Joseph Opal Nesting Food Storage. The lids nest and SNAP together and it all becomes one piece. If you’re someone who struggles with plastic storage containers this is for you. We also used another Deep Drawer Binz for the lids for our ‘other’ plastic storage containers. So.much.easier.

Cabinet Organization
We have one ‘below’ cabinet for all of our cookware and it was getting irritating with the stacks of pots falling over on a regular basis. Plus, you’d have to be some combination of powerlifter and archaeologist to get at a pot or pan that happened to be buried at the bottom of the stack. These roll out organizers are a game changer. GAME CHANGER. We used the Pull Out Cabinet Drawers for pots & pans and the Pull Out Lid Holder for lids, cutting boards and a collapsible colander.  

Above cabinets are a different story, I quickly realized that this Chrome Corner Shelf  was a godsend and knew I needed them for not just my plates but for mugs, bowls and glasses. It’s a great way to open up cabinet space.

My rolling metal cart also needed some organization so these White Compact Plastic Bin with lids were a helpful addition for storing the blender accessories, my ‘nursing supplies’ and vacuum attachments.

It’s not really a secret that we have a lot baskets in our apartment but they’re not just for aesthetic reasons, they are STORAGE GOLD. All the random items we need but don’t use on a regular basis now have a home in one of the lidded baskets on the shelves (Cookie Cutters, Ice Tray Molds, Winter Hats and so on..). I also struggled with the space above our fridge and knew that the crowded cereal boxes and random boxed/packaged foods needed a place to hide, so this Handled Hyacnith Basket was the perfect addition for clearing up the eyesore.
Garbage and Recylcing
A good trashcan makes a huge difference so we added the 16 gal. Simple Human brushed stainless semi round can as well as the Simple Human Grocery Bag Holder for the inevitable surplus of plastic bags.

And just like that, with a little over a dozen pieces, my kitchen is way more organized and ready to welcome the new season with a little bit of style…