How To Layer Appropriately for Winter Fashion Week

Guys, Fashion Week is just next week and I think that we need to sit down and have a little chat about dressing appropriately for the weather here in  New York, in the middle of winter. Real talk: It's a really bad flu season and the first thing you should be thinking about is protecting yourself from the elements. If you're attending and just happen to be reading this lovely piece of advice: Don't wear sandals. I don't care that you're going from hotel to shows and events - it's impractical and looks crazy with layers of snow and ice on the ground. It's still winter, wear booties, boots and closed toe option unless we're graced with 50˚+ weather. I know we're excited about spring but  save your sandal packing for your tropical destinations...

That mouthful being said Jackie and I decided to share some of our favorite ways to layer up for the winter and fashion week for this week's two ways to wear. Literally, we have mastered the art of layering to make it look like wear barely wearing anything under our outfits. Get ready to pile it on! 

Tip: Wear thin insulated pieces under your dresses, sweaters and skirts. Whether it's tights or leggings it definitely helps protect you from the cold. If you insist on show a little skin keep it minimal. If I'm wearing a midi length dress or skirt I always add a pair of leggings under it and fold them up. Capri lengths are the perfect option and it gives the illusion that you're bare legged. I almost always have these under my pieces during the wintertime. 

Winter pieces can be just as interesting and fun to use as spring and summer. Play with colors, great accessories and prints to make your own personal statement. There are so many amazing coats and hats out there right now that you won't feel lacking...

Now, as for piling on the layers. Less is not more. I love the more is more idea (a la Mary Kate Olsen) For me and my outfit, I wanted a chunky oversized sweaters thrown over and halfway tucked into a tiered chiffon skirt. The key is the accessorize - alone these pieces would likely look frumpy but the addition of a belt cinching your waisting and showing an angle helps draw attention from looking too big and more intentional. I kept my footwear in the bootie department and added the additional layer of insulated socks, just in case. 

As for Jackie, she went BOLD with her polka dot shirt dress and (faux) fur draped across her bodice and secured with a belt. She ditched the jacket for the time being because it was actually 56˚ when we shot these a couple of weeks back but I'm sure she would add a statement coat to make this whole ensemble POP when it comes time to hit the streets. 

Megan: Belt // Bag // Sweater // Skirt // Boots 

Jackie: Dress // Fur // Belt // Bag // Boots 

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