7 Tips For Preparing For Last Minute Guests

Sure, Christmas and New Year's may have just passed but we're not out of the woods yet for the holidays. As we start to discard the piles of wrapping paper, take down the tree and start to get our lives back in order, we still run into one common issue, the "pop in" ie: unexpected/last-minute houseguests. You know, the guests that suddenly decide they want to come over and see how you're doing?

Just when you think the holiday chaos of blown fuses and dropping an entire tray of cookies into the oven floor was over, you still run the risk of having to entertain on short notice. Don't get me wrong, I love having people over, but If you're anything like me, your house post-holidays is nothing short of a hot mess: new toys sprawled out, dishes and clothes piled into mountains. Chances are we're still in our pajamas and binge watching The Good Wife.

Same page, right?

I thought so…

Before you go into a panic at the thought of guests arriving in less than an hour, I put together a checklist to make life a 100% easier for prepping for last-minute, unexpected guests with a little help from Progressive (Homeowners) Insurance ((Did you know they offer home insurance too?). Sure, it's going to take some effort but when you open that door they're never going to know your house was a disaster zone up until 45 minutes ago...

Oh, and here's a video to make sure you're doing it right ;)...

7 Tips For Preparing For Last Minute Guests

1. Bake Something
Before you dive into deep cleaning, grab a ready-to-bake package of cookies and throw them into the oven. If guests have food to focus on, the odds are better that they won't be focusing on the state of chaos in your place Plus, fresh baked goods are an instant air freshener. Nothing says home more than the smell of fresh baked goods. I always have a package on hand for when I need them and they only take 13-15 minutes to bake.

2. Get To The Dirty Work First
Next, ask yourself what rooms are going to be the most traveled? The answer is almost always: the bathroom. I share the bathroom with two boys and a David, and as you can imagine, it's a constant effort to keep it clean so it's definitely first on my list for cleaning when I hear someone is coming over. Strap on the gloves and dive right into cleaning the toilet, sink, and floor. You can skip the shower, unless you're looking at overnight guests.

3. Ditch The Clutter & Conceal
Like I said before, clothes, toys, and random items are a veritable explosion, with debris spread from room to room. The clutter is in full-effect, so playing a quick game of clean up, pick up, put away, is exactly what you need. Even if you don't have time to put the items in their rightful home you can still give your home the illusions of being tidy. All you need is a quick storage solution. I'm all for filling up baskets and throwing a neatly folded blanket on top and putting in a corner somewhere. No time to fold the laundry? Throw your clothes under the bedspread is a great storage option in a bind (just remember to take them out before your jump in bed after your guest are gone). Don't have time to put the dishes away? Throw them in the oven, clean or dirty. If Carrie Bradshaw taught us one thing, it's that ovens are also for storage...

4. Spot Clean
There's no time for a full on home cleaning spree so save yourself the effort and spot clean. Deal with the dishes (even if you are just putting them in the oven), vacuum high-visible areas, wipe-down the countertops and clean a couple of mirrors.

5. Deodorize
Open a window, turn on a fan and give your space a little spritz of deodorizer. The above will circulate the stale air out and keep things fresh. Have a litter box and no time to change it? Add some baking soda to the box before the guest arrive and it will help neutralize the odors.

6. Set The Mood
Whew! Everything is cleaned up and now you just have to set the mood. Set out refreshments, snacks, and your freshly baked cookies. Light a candle, fluff some pillows, and put some music on.

7. Throw Something Fabulous On
No, you can't answer the door in your robe. Leave your guests guessing when you answer the with something fabulous on, fresh baked cookies and a seemingly clean house.... How does she do it all?

As much as I love entertaining guests, it’s never easy getting ready for them. But, creating memories with the people you love make all those last-minute cleaning efforts and the general chaos leading up to the moment you open the door, totally worth the effort.

And after all, a home is where you make most of your fondest memories. Whether it’s first steps, birthdays, or last-minute guest entertaining, your home is one of your most prized possessions. So it makes sense to consider the best ways to protect it.

Progressive knows there's a million situations that can go right, and wrong during the holiday season. While they can't save you from unexpected guests they CAN protect your home and auto year round. Yep, you read that right, Progressive coverage doesn't stop at protecting your car from life's little mishaps, Progressive is also there to protect your new home and everything you cherish within it.....

So if you've just bought a home or are looking to buy, pop over to Progressive.com and get yourself a quote. They're #1 in online home insurance quotes, so they must be doing something right...

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