4 Must-Have New Mom Essentials

Whether it's your first or third baby, those first 12 months of baby's life are a wild rollercoaster. You're sleep deprived, can't decide what of the million must-have products you actually need and spend an endless amount of time obsessing over his or her needs. If you're a mom, you totally know what I'm talking about, and if you're not quite there yet - you're going to find out sooner or later. So in light of making things a little easier on the new mom's life I teamed up with Babbleboxx to share a few essentials that make life a little bit easer...

Let's see what's in the boxx...

You need an endless supply of:
If there's one thing you need a surplus of in your life, it's WIPES. Wipes are always the first thing to disappear in our house. You NEED them for EVERYTHING. Little messes, diaper explosions, you name it - wipes are ESSENTIAL. These Bloom™ Baby Wipes are 98% Natural Ingredients, safe for rash & eczema prone skin and enriched with plant derived vitamins. Guys, they are super soft and mama's sensitive skin approved.

When baby needs more than just a boob (or bottle): 
We bee-line straight from breast to food at 6-7 months. The second Indiana looked interested in what we were eating we knew it was time to introduce solids. We mostly stick to baby-led feeding but in a pinch Beech-Nut Organic Oatmeal is great. I've been adding fruit to the baby oatmeal in the mornings and letting him try and feed himself. Sure it's a mess, but he loves it and beams with joy at the independence. I have a few varieties of these in my cabinet and I can honestly say we love them all and don't have to worry about over processed foods entering his little body. Another perk is the easy pour spout and built-in measuring cups. 

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Something to keep baby entertained:  
Indiana is literally in everything these days and he is FAST. So even a couple of minutes of distraction before he moves onto the next thing is great. He saw this Oball and went right for it. The open shapes make it easy to grasp and the tiny beads/rattles make it interesting enough to keep even the shortest of attention-spans interested for longer than a minute or two. Plus, It's super easy to clean and is great for baby shower gifts. Indiana might just be giving this to all of his friends this year. 

Something to keep mama looking fresh:  
As a longtime Vichy user, I make sure I have these bedside to make sure after even the most sleepless nights my skin looks somewhat refreshed. Hyaluronic Acid is a new moms best friend. I've been using Aqualia Thermal for a few years now and I love how hydrating it is. I slather it on before bed every night. It's not too heavy and leaves my skin feeling soft. For the Mineral 89 Booster, I use it right after washing my face in the morning to help create a moisture barrier before heading out the door into the elements (this is great for the winter!). Just two drops and you're ready to go. 

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What are your new mom essentials? 

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx. All opinions are my own.