Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Don Q rum for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Does anyone else struggle shopping for the men in their life? I mean, my husband is pretty easy to shop for, he's a pretty practical guy. But when it comes to my brother, I'm almost always left stumped. The guy already has it all. While I will admit we're not huge gift givers between siblings I did learn the hard way last year that I need to step up my gifting game. I may or may not have thought a manly scented candle would be the perfect addition to my brother's new abode but as it turns out the scent was so terrible and overpowering after opening that it warranted a weekend full of jokes and finished with the poor candle ending up in the trash as we departed. All things considered it was hilarious, but also not. So, what do you get the guy in your life that has it all? Really? The Answer: A good bottle of rum. 

So this year as I make sure my gifting game is on point, I put together a DIY holiday basket for the special guys in my life with a few of my favorite things including a bottle of Don Q's Gran Añejo rum. 

First things first, why Don Q's Gran Añejo? Well, they are the only rum company that uses aged rum in all rum products, including their flavors. They only use natural flavorings, have no additives, artificial sugars, or coloring. Also,  Destilería Serrallés is one of the most environmentally responsible in the spirits industry. They reap the benefits of real energy return, as well as a water reclamation program which allows them to recycle the wastewater, instead of disposing of it in the ocean. Environmentally conscious practices aside, it's a great rum that contains rums aged between 9 and 12 years, and Solera rums aged up to 50 years for the perfect sweet and dry balance. Enjoy alone, on the rocks, or like my dad, with a splash of ginger.

So now that we have the focal point of our basket, it's time to build up. One of my favorite things about creating a basket as opposed to traditional wrapping (which I also love) is getting creative with presentation and the gifts. I created three baskets for the men in my life, one for David, one for the dad and my brother. This particular basket has David written all over it so no peeking, David! 

Here's The Top 5 Essentials You Need To Create The Perfect DIY Gift Basket For Him. 

1. A Bottle Of Don Q's Gran Añejo rum
(Locate Don Q here)

2. Glassware
Of course you need fancy new glassware for your new bottle of rum. I love these gold rimmed Sur La Table glasses. They're functional but also stylish enough to dress up our bar cart. Shop them here. 

 3. Accessories
David is all about Sunglasses right now so this retro-shaped pair from Fossil was just the right addition. I also included a new pair of earbuds, he's always losing and/or breaking his so this pair is flashy enough to stand out but also have a fair price point. 

4. Treats 
I added a couple of bars of David's favorite chocolate bars. Not everyone likes chocolate so you can swap out for different treats.

5. Grooming 
Tip: opt for travel size containers. 

I picked David's current favorites of body cleanser, shave butter and post-shave dew as the finishing touches for the basket. 

After you add your essentials to the basket, add a couple of festive accessories (like ornaments) and finish with a bow and cello wrap!

Voila! Gifting made easy and fun...

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