8 Fun Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #Papyrus campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.
There's something magical about spending the holiday season in the city: experiencing everything from tree lightings and the over-the-top retail windows, to ice skating and hot chocolate in Central Park. It puts even the greenest of Grinches in the holiday spirit. This year I've teamed up with Duane Reade and Papyrus to share the holiday spirit with Papyrus's boxed holiday cards found at one of my favorite spots in the city, Duane Reade.

Ok, I'll admit that I definitely forgot to send out our cards last year and ended up with 50+ postcards piled on my desk with our pregnancy announcement on them; so this year, I reverted to the classic way of sending out cards. That is, buying them from the store and then adding a family picture inside the envelope. That way extras can be reused for next year, if needed.

For me, holiday cards are a classic family tradition. When I was a kid, I would help my mom pick out our holiday cards and I remember seeing them all spread out over the dining room table as we filled them out. I got to add each stamp to the envelopes before mailing them off to friends and family. So now, I love to throw on a pair of festive pajamas, grab some hot chocolate and fill out our holiday cards together. This year's cards had to be festive but still be luxe, so I went with the Papyrus Gold Foil Poinsettia Card and The Glitter Holiday Card. Both have that pop of glam that I love and are crowned with that seal of approval, the gold foil Papyrus sticker. 

I will say I did stand in front of the display for a good 10 minutes trying to decide on my picks. There were a ton of options and I finally narrowed it down to these two. So as I fill out my cards this year, I thought I would share eight of my favorite holiday traditions for you to try this year. Whether it's just you, the two of you, or a whole brood, these are sure fire ways to get you in the holiday spirit...

1. Christmas Cards & Decorating
For us, Christmas cards and light decorating is first up. We pull out all of our Christmas decorations, put on some Christmas music, and start putting up the decorations as we fill out our holiday cards.
2. Decorating the tree
One of the most obvious of the bunch, but quite possibly my favorite. I loved helping my parents and grandparents decorate their tree. So having the opportunity to watch my boys pile ornaments on the tree is one of my favorite things to watch. It's definitely holds a few chuckle-worthy moments...

3. Picnic By The Tree
Now that the tree is decorated, why not enjoy it? We're a 'picnic' family and constantly campout in the living room for dinners on the floor and I have to say it's one of my favorite things to do. Grab a pizza or your favorite finger foods and have a picnic next to your newly decorated tree...

4. Game Night
This is a new one in our house but it's already starting some traction. Pile everyone up and grab all of your board games for family game night in front of the tree. Personal favorites: Twister, Connect Four and Guess Who?

5. Cookie Decorating
You can't celebrate the holidays without cookies! You train all year just to add those holiday inches to your waistline. Last year we had a cookie decorating party and invited all of our friends over to decorate the cookies of their choosing. Tip: pre-bake cookies for later decorating.

6. Movie Night
Snuggle up with a huge bowl of popcorn, hot chocolate, and a Home Alone marathon. I'll admit we're probably going to do this more than a few times as we go through the Christmas movie rotation...

7. Giving to someone in need
In the spirit of giving, pick a new charity, family and/or individual to gift each year. It doesn't have to be big or over-the-top.

8. New Pajamas
Each year I buy everyone a new pair of "festive" pajamas to get us through the holiday season. Last year's theme was buffalo plaid but I think this year's will need a little more color and prints... Maybe Santa's family? Colorful holiday shapes? Reindeer and elves?
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Don't forget to head into Duane Reade for all of your holiday essentials, including Papyrus Holiday Cards...

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Papyrus. The opinions and text are all mine.