Colorful Halloween Decorations & Treat Ideas

If you've been following along at all for the last month you might have guessed I love Halloween. It's true, I do. So this year we figured let's up the ante and throw a Halloween party to properly celebrate. After going back and forth with color schemes, ideas and decorations I decided it would probably be best if I skipped the dark and spooky halloween theme in favor of something more bright and colorful. I LOVED how it turned out.  I didn't love super-dark rainy weather the day of, making lighting and shooting less than favorable but, I couldn't not share. 

First off, I hit up Target for some colorful favors. They had a ton of neon halloween goodies so I scooped up some spider rings, bright straws and creepy skeleton hands to keep things colorful. Obviously I had to get add spider webs, mini pumpkins and the oversized googly eyes to my cart before heading into Michael's. There I snagged skull glasses for $2 and stocked up on acrylic paint to give my mini pumpkins a colorful update. Two coats later they matched right up with the color scheme of purples, turquoise, neon yellow and orange.

Next, the snacks. The night before I whipped up "Monster" Rice Krispie Treats & Oreos, "Brain" Chocolate Cupcakes, Mummy Dogs and Pumpkin Shaped Pizza Bites. The Rice Krispies and Mummy Dogs barely made it through the first hour. Thankfully I had endless bowls of chips to keep everyone fed while they waited out the storm.