Floral Wrap Dress and Navy Beret

Truth: I've been on a mission to stock up on wrap dresses this season (and not just because they're super convenient for nursing). I'm personally favoring the bright and floaty versions from Willow & Clay, especially this one. It's just the right length and pairs perfectly with my current fall staple, the beret. 

I've been on team beret since I got my first one in 6th grade circa 1999. It was bright purple and I'm 90% it's in my hat box in the closet. So, when I saw they were making a comeback you better believe I stocked up on the colors I didn't have, red and navy. For me, they're super easy to throw on and even help me out in a pinch when I'm having a not-so-great hair day. They key is to loosely add it to the top your head and avoid pulling it down too far.