7 No-Sew DIY Costume Ideas

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Halloween is right around the corner and if you haven't decided on what costume you're wearing this year you're not alone. Truth be told we just figured out our costumes for this weekend's party and let's just say I have some serious DIY'ing to do.

That being said I teamed up with Cotton to share 7 super easy and comfortable no-sew costumes with the steps to create each one so you can show up in style for this year's Halloween festivities!

First up! Couple's costuming with Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid. While a mermaid tail is super fun I figured it would be even better to go with her new legs. All you need is an oversized white t-shirt, some rope and starfish for her and a white button down, blue slim fitting pants and an old red tee to create his sash.

Fabric Glue or Glue Gun or E6000

With the E6000 attach starfish to comb, let cure for 24 hours.  

Cut the collar off of the white shirt

Mark holes and cut where on the top left shoulder to attach the rope (this saves you from having to randomly wrap the rope around body). Add about 3ft of rope to hole, making the top the center piece.  

Cut a second hole a few inches down near your chest for the front piece of rope.  

Next, on the right shoulder put a hole through the front to back to the shirt to create a cold shoulder effect. Add another 3 feet of rope to wrap around.  

Finally cut seaweed like pieces of fabric from the green shirt and glue around dress. Pieces should be at least 6” long. Use as little or as many as you’d like to finish it.

When putting on the dress wrap the rope around your waist, bust and hips - give the shirt a little tug for the ‘loose sail like’ effect. Add comb to your hair and find your Prince Eric.

Next, I whipped up something for the whole family. Obviously you can pick and choose which ideas you love and how many you want to recreate. My personal favorite is the ringleader jacket made from wait for it, a sweatshirt! They’re all super easy…

The Ringleader:

What you need:  
1 Yard of Each
-Gold Fringe Trim,  
-Red Fringe Trim  
-Gold Puffy Trim  
10 Gold 1” Poms  
Black Fabric Paint
Paint Sponges or Brush
Optional : Top Hat and/or Hula Hoop  
Cut directly up the front center of the sweatshirt.

Next cut two 4” triangles from the front and back to create the shape for the jacket. You’ll be cutting a direct line to make the front go straight across leaving tails in the back.  

Cut the sleeve to fit arms (you want it slightly short than your wrist)  

Line up the gold fringe trim with the collar and down the center of the jacket (pin)

Trace and paint the lapels of the jacket. Glue the gold trim.  

Next, take 6” (each)inches of red fringe trim and glue to each side of the lapel. Glue the remaining fringe to the bottom on the jacket (sizing varies)

With the gold puffy/tassel trim cut and 2 - 12” pieces for the epaulets on the shoulders. Fold in half and glue. Glue the remaining tassel/puffy trim about 2” from the bottom of the sleeve. Finish by gluing on the “pom buttons”. 3 pom per side down the front, then one on each side of the collar and one of each on the epaulets.  
The Lion:
What you need:  
Small Cardboard Pieces
1. On the first yellow shirt trace and cut a large half circle from the collar to mid-chest on both sides (it should resemble a dickey.)  
2. Next, cut ½” to 1” vertical pieces up to the collar on the front and back.  
3. Repeat with orange t-shirt. Reserve the last yellow t-shirt at the base.  
For The Ears:  
  1. Cut two small half circle pieces (about 2”) pieces of cardboard to create the ear base.  
2. Next from the yellow and orange scrap pieces cut 2 ½ - 3” pieces to cover the cardboard.  
3. Glue the yellow on first and then the orange over it.  
4. Now glue the ears to the headband. Optional: Add a couple fringe pieces to the top of the headband.  
You can wear the mane two ways: either layered around the next or on the head with the headband. Both are adorable!  

The Clowns:

What you need:  
Rainbow Yarn
Paper party hat
Two empty toilet paper rolls
Safety Pins
Tulle (about 24”)

For the poms, wrap about 24-30” inches of yarn around two toilet paper rolls.  

With 6-8” of yarn tie the yarn off at the middle.  

Remove from toilet paper rolls and cut. Repeat.

Pin to shirt 3” down from the collar and 3” below the first pom.
For the hat.  
With a paper party hat, wrap and glue on tulle pieces around the base.

Glue pom at top.  

Finally secure the hat to the headband with glue (e6000 gets the job done)
Wear with a puffy skirt and fun makeup.

What you need:  
Long Sleeve Black Shirt
3” Round Paper Craft Decorations (I got these at Michael for $4)
White Felt Garland 24”
Lay shirt flat and place first circle 2” apart starting from collar.  

Next line up the felt garland with the collar and secure around the collar with glue. Leave room to stretch to put head in.  

Add extra pom pieces to center of circles.
The Strong Man

What you need:  
Striped Onesie (about a size smaller)
Cut off the sleeves creating a tanktop on the onesie

Next, cut a large v in the front of the onesie to resemble a singlet.  

Give it a little stretch and touch up stray pieces.