4 Fun & Creative Costume Ideas for Redheads

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Savers. The opinions and text are all mine.

Ah, Halloween, you're almost here! If you're a longtime reader you know I LOVE Halloween and put some serious effort into costume ideas each year. You might have already seen Jackie and I conspire together on last year's Halloween here (here and here). But this year I wanted to try something a little different and teamed up with Savers to step things up in the costume department. 

First off, if you've never been to Savers you need to check and see if there's a location near you ( Savers is also known as Value Village in WA, OR, AK, DC and in Canada). Sure, they have thrifty finds but their Halloween department is off-the-walls. They even have a costume specialist (Oksana was mine), on hand to help you with your needs. She took me throughout the department and showed me every theme and costume they had, all while dressed as Gandalf the Grey! My kind of gal. Savers has brand-new costumes as well as donated like-new costumes to choose from. I was able to put together all four of these costumes plus a costume for each of the boys for under $200! 

Before we get into this year's costume creations, I want to spend a little time talking about my experience just because it was  so much fun. We headed over a few Sundays ago to shop for the post and stock up on Halloween essentials and ended up spending a good couple of hours. Easy. There were so many different choices and of course I picked over the entire Halloween Department piece by piece. I highly suggest you go in with a game plan or some idea of what you want. I already had 6-7 costume ideas in mind and planned on narrowing it down as I found items that fit my theme. I mixed and matched with thrifted and costume department finds for each of my final looks. The silver jumpsuit was brand-new for $20 in costumes, along with the $15 corset-turned shoulder pads and collar. I also bought most of the accessories in the costume department, like the top hat and glasses. Everything else was easily found on the racks throughout the store - I love my yellow dress and velvet blazer finds, they we're instant winners. Of course the skirt, hat and abundance of silk scarves helped seal the deal. I was able to use a couple of pieces from my closet that I didn't find in the stores, like the shoes and bags but 90% of my costumes were from Saver's. 

Now, to put it all together and shoot. This year I wanted to get a little more creative with my ideas and narrowed it down to 4 costume ideas that fit my red hair, personality, and most-importantly, were easy to put together. I really wanted a mix of comedy, pop-icons and personal favorites. Thus these four costumes were born:

Eliza Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys
If you're a 90's kid who spent a great deal of time watching Nick you might recognize this talks-to-animals gal. I loved this show and after stumbling upon this yellow dress I knew she was getting added to the line up. 

What you need: 
A Yellow Dress
Red Turtleneck 
(I cut it into a dicky to remove the long sleeves)
Brown Boots
Scrunched Socks
Round Glasses
A Backpack 
Extra Props: Stuffed chimp for Darwin

The Mad Hatter, Alice and Wonderland 
I met somewhere in between of the original cartoon and the Johnny Depp version of the classic character. I bought a ton of scarves and stuffed them in my skirt, jacket and hat. We're all mad here...

What You Need: 
A Top Hat
Velvet Blazer
Tulle Skirt
Bright Shoes
Lots Of Pink, White, Orange and Purple Makeup
Extra Props: Teacup

David Bowie // Ziggy Stardust
I've been wanting to be David Bowie for a couple of years now and after finding this silver jumpsuit it finally came to life. Cheers to the forever-fashion icon.

What You Need: 
Silver Jumpsuit
Red Boots
Red, Blue and Black Makeup for 'the bolt'

Shy Ronnie, SNL's Shy Ronnie Skit 
This one happened by chance, we were going through old SNL Andy Samberg skits on Youtube and this one came on and I immediately wanted to re-create it. This might be my favorite of the bunch, I paid extra-special attention to detail all the way down to lipstick in the form of a blood stain from him shooting himself in the foot. This one is super easy to re-create...

What You Need: 
Striped Sweater
Long skirt
Tan Beret
Silk Scarf
Tube socks
White Sneakers
Clear Aviators
Extra Props: Faux Braces (paper clip) & Microphone (paper towel roll and foil, thanks David!)