Beauty Must-have: Smile Direct Club

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SmileDirectClub for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Like most kids, I had braces growing up- two years straight.  In fact: I sported those metal brackets in my most awkward years with the addition of the frizzy waves I hadn't quite learned how to manage at that point. I was basically the whole package when it came to awkward tween. So after my braces came off, my mom and dad were not about to let me throw their $4000 investment down the drain, so I was all about wearing that retainer day and night. Perfect teeth I did have. 

That is, until the beauty magic of pregnancy happened. What people don't tell you is that the gum softening and sensitivity you experience during those glorious 9 months can actually shift your teeth. This most recent pregnancy did just that. I noticed a slight gap in my teeth over the last couple of months and I was not about to let that be a permanent situation. Especially when I was obsessive about wearing my retainer for those years post-braces. 

So when SmileDirectClub asked me to pop in their flagship store in Flatiron for a consultation and to give me the rundown on their invisible aligners I was all in. I have a handful of friends who already use them and I've only heard good things. Plus they're only a bit more than HALF the price of other aligners, which is right up my alley. If you're nearby one of their many locations, book a free 3D scan  or order a kit onlineYou can score 50% off your at-home impression kit with promo code TFDIARIES.

First off, this store is the real deal, and without a doubt the sleekest place to get your teeth in place. It's full service and only takes 30 minutes. You walk in the bright white space and are immediately greeted by a "Smile Guide" as you check in for your appointment. Everyone is eager to help. {Customer Service is key.} They asked if I'd to brush my teeth to 'freshen up' before my consultation.   If anyone was going to make brushing your teeth chic Smile Direct was going to be the one to do it. The modern fixtures paired with glamour lighting and stylish accessories had me on board. After 'freshening up' I headed to the little alcove/office with my Smile Guide and we started the process. She asked what my expectations were and what I wanted to fix, along with any dental health issues.  As she talked, I prepared myself mentally for the dreaded impressions. That's when she told me they don't do impressions, they do a digital scan. Legit the coolest thing ever. It's basically a tube-like camera snapping super high-definition pictures of your teeth. It took about 10 minutes for her to do my whole mouth and the result were super cool. You get to watch on the big screen as she goes tooth-by-tooth from a bunch of different angles. I was eternally grateful I flossed and brushed beforehand, I'm sure she was too. ha! 

After the scan we took a look at my teeth and how the aligners would adjust my smile. My personal treatment would only be 4 months of wearing the aligners. Way quicker than the 4 years with the braces + retainer. So, I signed myself right up and my aligners were on my doorstep the next week with each week's and month's aligner labeled and ready to pop in. They also come with some sweet accessories like the "outie" tool that helps pop them out, free tooth whitening treatments (you might as well whiten up while you're wearing them, right?), as well as wax-like "chewies" for when they're feeling a little snug and you need to take the pressure off. I get emails on the regular from Smile Direct connecting with me about my treatment, step-by-step instructions, or to answer any concerns. 

Guys, they're really on top of their game and I highly recommend you check them out if you're considering braces or aligners. It's the painless and takes the hassle out of constant office visits and waiting rooms; and for a fraction of the price.

If you're nearby one of their many locations, book a free 3D scan or order a kit online. 

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