Boy's Bedroom Reveal

Disclosure: Thank you to DavinciUrbioLorena CanalsTJMAXX and The Company Store for making this room overhaul possible! You're the best. As always all opinions are my own. 
This post is a longtime coming. We've been meaning to makeover the boy's room since last year when when we found out we were expecting. Initially we had huge plans which eventually whittled down to just painting the bunk bed a bold hue but a couple of weeks back we had to scrap everything and buy a new bed thanks to some flooding in their room. Talk about a hot mess. Thankfully we were able to save the dresser and all the bedding including the new rug because they were still in the plastic packaging. Talk about dodging a major bullet. But honestly, even after the chaos I was thrilled to be working with a blank canvas for their room. It hadn't been updated since we moved in 4 years ago and it was in desperate need of a more age and storage-friendly overhaul. So I teamed up with a few brands for some help and I'm really excited about the end result. The boys were locked out of the room for the whole week leading up to their reveal and we didn't let them peek. The night we finally let them in they LOST it! Even a week later they're still talking about how much they love their new room and how it's the best room in the house (I agree). 

So, let's talk about the walls. Originally we had a bright royal blue on their walls. But after the bedding came we realized it clashed way too much with the colors and it had to go. So my thoughts were "let's go red" but after seeing the bedding next to my Victory Blue ceiling (the comforters were stacked on top of our wardrobes for storage) I immediately knew the room had to be painted THAT color. We actually had a can left over, so we were able to try it and confirm that my intuition was correct; so we dove right in.    We only needed another gallon to finish the entire room and it was a lot easier (and quicker) to paint than the ceiling project back in April. I honestly love it. Paint: Victory Blue by Olympus One at Lowe's. 

After the paint dried, came decorating the walls. We both knew that we needed to make the most of the space and having storage on the walls to help manage and avoid clutter was going to be our best bet. I found Urbio by Honey Can Do after a random google search and instantly fell in love with the concept of having storage plates on the wall for organizing supplies. Their art supplies, which are usually all over the place, would now be neatly contained, front and center. If you need ANYTHING organized I highly recommend these space-saving magnetic plates. The magnetic vessels are mix and match, so you can move them around to create your own custom grid, and they are super easy to take off. The boys can just pull off the vessel, grab some markers or their Pokemon cards and put it right back on the plate when they're done. We spaced our plates out to go with the boy's gallery wall but you can put them all together, if preferred. They were super easy to install, it took us about 20 minutes (I recommend you use the included mollies and screws to make life easier, especially if you have paper thin walls like us).  For the whole "Big Happy Family Set" it runs about $178 for 6 plates and 6 containers. They also have the "Perch" which is a little more budget friendly for $40 for two plates and 3 containers. You can buy additional plates and vessels too, which is super helpful when it comes to storing all.of.their.stuff. 

Next we added the wall art. The boys created a couple pieces themselves (top right) and I added a couple of frames that we had left over from their previous gallery wall. I made them a personalized little sign on their yellow chalkboard, by drawing out their b.boy names and logos, which they loved. We also included an invisible book shelf for their reading nook. Aid is super into reading and we bought him the Harry Potter set for his Birthday in June which he blew through over the summer.  But I wanted to keep the books close just in case he wanted to read the first 5 books over again. All the other books are on the back of the door using Ikea's wooden spice racks.

I love the Eames look-for-less molded plastic chair to the reading nook, we threw a Minted Dalmatian dot pillow and Pillowfort stuffed animal pillow for extra comfort. I've been looking for a little pouf for added comfort.

Now let's talk the big furniture. I love this Colby 6-drawer dresser by Davinci. It's actually part of their Carter's x Davinci Collaboration and it's adorable. I personally love how modern it looks and that it stores a ton of their clothes. Their last one was constantly overflowing so keeping their stuff IN the drawers has been a pleasant change. An added bonus is you can fit baskets underneath for additional storage, which will come in handy when fall and winter accessories need homes. I highly recommend you check out their collaboration, especially if you're putting together a nursery - it's adorable!

Of course STORAGE is a huge issue in our house. Between the million of legos, a parking garage full of hot wheels and the random accessories, we needed as much help as we could get when it came to keeping things off the floor and out of sight. I also wanted to make clean up a breeze. Whether your space is large or small, toy storage is always an issue. I personally wanted it to be pleasing to the eye so I kept it simple with a metal storage cart from Target ($25) and baskets from TJMAXX. Guys, that cart is game changing. It keeps everything organized and the grates are small enough to hold their 'legos of the moment'. The Hamper, rectangle basket holding their stuffed animals and the gorgeous striped curtains are all from TJMAXX. All under $30 a piece.

Our big storage piece is the bed! When I was shopping for a new bed I was determined to have under-the-bed storage that could potentially convert into a trundle when Indiana becomes of bed-sleeping age. After what felt like an endless search, I finally what I was looking for at Target for under $500! It seems they only have it left in grey but Wayfair has it in white for $499. It's basically a twin size bed-sized spac of storage. With all of their crap it's less than half full. I am THRILLED.

While I don't necessarily love the colonial look of the bed I feel like it's instantly offset with their new bedding from The Company Store. First of all, they never disappoint (remember them from here). I am obsessed with this cushy comforter, it's so soft and fluffy. It's basically a cloud. I want this for my bed but in white please. So, the boys did get to make one decision when it came to their room and it was their comforter. (Definitely check out their kid's bedding options, they're so good.) Thankfully they both agreed on the Dino Land Kids Comforter. I loved mixing it with the star sheets. It was an instant win.

An even bigger win was finding a matching rug, the Lorena Canals "Marino" Stars navy rug is awesome. First off it's machine washable, handmade, and free of VOC's. They only use natural dyes. It's designed in Spain, made in India. It's the perfect finishing piece to their room. It's going to be great for when Indy wants to hang with his big bro's on the floor (It's so soft and cushy).

Finally, the finishing details: the round Ikea mirror (similar under $50) above the radiator so they can check out their look before school. The poppin pen cup ($6) for additional school supply storage. The square hi-gloss planter from CB2 ($10), because we love plants! David even DIY'd hanging planters from coffee cans to give their windows a little more life. DIY coming soon.

What do you think?

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