4 Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes for Besties

It's officially FALL! Woo-friggin-hoo. With the fall weather comes apple picking, pumpkin carving and my all-time-favorite holiday, Halloween. If you've been reading a long for awhile you are well aware of Jackie and I's tradition of creating costume ideas for Halloween. You can find last year's  90's themed costumes and the year before's costumes here.  We kind of go all out. Aside from having to do school pickup in one of my costumes this year (which was hilarious and of course had to be the most ridiculous costume we put together. Find out below which one it was.) we invited a very adorable, 4-month old to help us out. It's safe to say he was thoroughly amused by our antics and might have to join us again in the future. A special shout out to our resident prop-master and photographer, David. Like always, he came through with a last minute stake in all of 5-freaking-minutes. Like a boss. 

All that being said this year Jackie and I put together 4 super easy, budget-friendly costumes for you and your bestie or significant other if you're looking to get creative. 

This year's theme is Classic Television. Whether they're from the 1960's or the1990's these shows are favorites in our book and just so happen to have a blonde and redhead for us to effortlessly channel for Halloween this year.

So, without further ado, here are our costumes for Halloween 2017. Pin them, shop them, share them! 

The Rugrats: Chuckie, Tommy and Angelica
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Tommy: Onesie cut into tee. 
Angelica: SocksDressShirtTightsBows, SneakersCynthia doll 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow and Buffy
Get The Look: 
Buffy: Pants, Top, Cross, Booties

Bewitched: Samantha and Endora
(Yep, this is the one I showed up to school pickup in. LMAO. I'm sure there were a lot of WTF's happening after being seen in that get-up)
Get The Look: 
Samantha: Dress (also seen here), Witches Hat, Apron, Shoes
Endora: Dress, Vest, Shoes (Naturalizer)

The Flintstones: Wilma and Pebbles
Get The Look: 
Pebbles: Dress, Bones

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