POP! Light Up Shoes

This week has definitely been one of those weeks. I can easily say it has been a testimony to Murphy's Law: anything and everything has gone wrong in some form or another. So it's not really a surprise that this week didn't come with very many posts. However! A big however over here, the boys are taking over the blog today to share their POP Shoes and they're pretty excited about it. You saw mine here and now they're sharing theirs. 

Just in case you've never seen these bad*ss LED light up shoes, they're from POP Shoes. They come in kid, women and men's sizes (from 11 in kids to 14 in men's). They're easily recharged with a portable dual micro USB cord which is plugged into the tongue of the shoes. Each charge lasts for about 8 hours. The whole thing is pretty amazing. All the materials are super high-quality leather and neoprene. Each shoe lights up with either a fast flash, slow flash, or continuous setting. Honestly, these are a GODSEND for summer events + outdoor + nighttime + crowds. We did 4th of July fireworks with them and we had them turn on the lights to keep track of them while they ran around. Win and Win. Plus, they're obsessed with these shoes. I had to tell them to turn off the lights so they didn't wear out the battery. Both of them say they look super cool with them and that they are their new favorite shoes. #momwin. 

While they're definitely not the light-up shoes from when I was a kid (thank goodness) they definitely bring back some nostalgic vibes making it more fun to wear them with the boys (David is super jealous he didn't get a pair- my bad). Also, they're 50% off right now so I highly suggest you scoop them up before they're sold out. Becase real talk: you need them. Adult or child. Funnest.footwear.ever.

Aid got the neoprene Sherbrooke style that appears to look like sweater material but it's actually pretty durable- which they're going to need since they are so rough on shoes. Evan went with the leather pair and truth be told on his first wear he definitely tripped on the sidewalk and scuffed the leather a tiny bit. But I will say the leather is actually pretty high-quality because it was a nasty fall and kept it together well. 

On A: Shirt FabKids, Jeans Primark, c/o Shoes Sherbrooke in Wolfe Grey Pop Shoes (on sale)

On E: Shirt H&M, Pants Fabkids, c/o Shoes Fairmount Black Licorice Pop Shoes (on sale)