Donna Morgan Off-The-Shoulder Dress & The Joys of Shooting Outfits with your Husband

While I can say that David's photography skills have come a long way in the last 7 and a half years on TfDiaries, I will say that sometimes our expectations on how a shot is supposed to look are completely different. This background situation for instance is definitely one of those times. I'm also not going to lie and say that our picture taking experiences are always the most fun for him especially when you're as indecisive as I am and insist that we need to take a "few more" pictures a dozen times during a shoot. {"few more" I mean another round of like 50}. But hey, at least we've evolved away from taking pictures with dumpsters in clear view...

Me: Stand over there at this angle and get the full shot of the logo and signage.

David: Back up.

Me: But that's not...

David: Back up. 

Me: Ok. {Backs Up}

David: {Takes pictures and walks over to show me}

Me: Nope. 

David: {shoots off another 50 pictures}

Me: Also, nope. 

Needless to say we didn't get the shot and we're just going to write this particular shoot off as a non-win but hey, at least my dress is cute & on sale....

Full disclosure: He's a trooper and really patient with me...

Dress Donna Morgan, Bag TJMAXX, Sunnies Karen Walker