Free People Cora and Ring Handle Bag

Ok, so I also bought the Free People dress in white and I have zero shame about wearing the same dress twice in one week on the blog. Back to back even. I mean,  they are a different color so that basically makes them different, right? Either way, I'm a fan and have been throwing both of these on when I have zero drive to put effort into my getup. It's for those days where I don't care that I have spit up on my shirt and I'm willing to brave the world but know I need to attempt some sort of presentation because it's guaranteed that I will run into someone if I don't. So, this just-throw-it-on dress works in my favor and the embroidery hides any future stains that might project from my adorable infant's mouth...

Aside from that juicy piece of information that you'll never unsee I'm just happy that I finally get to break out my new ring bag - $49 well spent and it's legit REAL leather. Well done, Kohl's, we done. If you need me I'll be over here wearing it until I can't stand the site of it. 

Dress Free People Cora (under $100), Bag Kohl's, Sandals Nordstrom, Sunnies Karen Walker, Earrings Express