3 Summer Hairstyles To Try This Weekend

This post is sponsored by Sexy Hair.
It’s officially summer which means it’s time to take measures to protect your hair from the heat. I’m not sure about you but the second humidity and/or higher temperatures hit my tresses, the waves fall flat and frizzy. All that effort spent with the curling wand goes down the tubes the second I walk out the door. I know I can’t be the only one with this struggle, right?

Well, this season I’m taking special measures with the help of Sexy Hair’s Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play volumizing hairspray. Gimme all the volume with a good, firm hold! Waves and curls, stay in place. Just spray into your finished (dry) style and boom, a super firm hold with an added boost of volume while keeping your hair manageable. It dries super fast and adds a little extra shine to your do’ while fighting the dreaded UV rays (my red hair thanks you).

Because, summer hair essentials go hand-in-hand with summer styles, I put together three that will take you from Friday to Sunday without fuss. I’m personally living in the loose, messy side braid but I have a feeling the braided headband is going to become an essential for date night outings. Cute, right?

Check them out and try them for yourself with Sexy Hair’s Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play hairspray

Half Up Twisted Hair with Braided Crown
1. Brush out hair and curl hair as usual. I used a 1 ½” barrel to achieve these waves. Lightly spritz with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play.

2. Next, part hair down the middle and pull two large pieces (one from each side) from the crown of your head. Pull out a small ½” piece out from each side. Twist the remaining hair, pinning to the back.

3. With the ½” piece, create a small braid and gently pull the pieces away to create a loose, larger braid. Repeat on other side.

4. Pull across your crown and pin under your twists.

5. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play.

Loose Side Braid
  1. With a 1 ½” curling wand create loose waves around your head.

2. Start from behind your right ear and carefully pull 3 pieces to start your braid to across the back of your head over to your left side. Secure with elastic.

3. Pull loose pieces out and touch up with curling wand. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play.

Mini Buns
  1. Part your hair down the middle from front to back. Pin one side out of the way.

2. From the top of your hair pull hair up to a high pony (parallel to your ears).

3. Twist into a bun and pin. Repeat.

4. Loosely pull at the bun pieces to add volume. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play.  

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