Life Lately

As you might have noticed posting has been a little sporadic lately, apparently I wasn't as prepared as I had like to be before baby. But, I will say things should be moving back to normal posting in the coming week including Indiana's birth story! Let's just hope the weather eases up in the meantime so I can get caught up on outfit pictures. 

But for now, here's a little update on how we're doing. 

Indy's now a little over 3 weeks and he is such a peach. I could not have asked for a more content, happy baby. He nurses like a champ (he's almost 10lbs!), let's me get a little bit of sleep and has the sweetest little coos. So, so far we're off to a pretty good start. 
The boys are adjusting to sharing the space with their little bro. It has definitely been an adjustment period. No matter now much you plan and prepare there's still room for improvement but I think they're doing great even with the little tiffs here and there.  Thankfully they're quick to help out which eases the discomfort of vying for attention when you're trying to care for a newborn.

Honestly, the youngest cat has been the most annoying when it comes to the new addition. We had to get him a new case to sleep in because he roamed around the apartment meowling at all hours of the day and night. It wasn't ideal. Since putting him in the carrier at night he seems a little better, but he'll likely always be annoying, it's in his nature. The older cat has been a champ and by his side for everything, which is to be expected because he was just like this for both boys. He's a keeper.

Daily life is definitely different, I've basically left the house a handful of times and have been trying to take it easy while my body heals. Apparently I was getting a little too active and my body recently told me to tone it down so I've been keeping it low-key for the last week, which is fine, more baby snuggles for me. David has been amazing, making dinner, cleaning and taking care of basically everything else in the house including me. I literally could not ask for a better partner.

I will say 3 weeks in I'm still trying to find the rhythm with life around baby #3. I definitely forgot how much laundry and diapers newborns produce, holy moly! I thought 6 and 8 year old boys were bad, but this guys has them beat. Thankfully his little noises and smiles more than make up for the added effort.

Stay tuned, more to come! Xo.