At Home With Arlo Baby

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arlo Baby. All opinions are 100% mine.
When putting together our nursery I was convinced that having a baby monitor was completely overkill, especially when we lived in such a tight space. I mean, how could I not hear him from the next room over? We have all of 700 feet of space, so why would I need one? 

Little did I know... 

After entering the world of video monitoring I could probably never go back. For example: I can finish cooking dinner without having to constantly go back to our room to check on him, I can keep an eye on the boys while they're hanging with the baby, and I get the freedom to take a shower with the peace of mind that I'm not leaving the baby sleeping in his bassinet for too long. It completely eases my neurotic, "I have to check on the baby" tendencies. If you're a mom, I know you're with me on this one, especially in the first few months.

Meet Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera. Holy crap, my mind is blown. You have to check out this tiny little bunny camera and the app that goes a long with it. Not only are the adorable green bunny ears likely the cutest thing ever, the whole system has me thanking the technology gods. The room feels warm- is it too warm for baby? the Arlo Baby app has you covered with temperature, air quality and humidity monitoring. 

Need some white noise to help him fall back asleep? Boom, a playlist of 9 songs ready to go to help him right back to dreamland. Need a little light to maneuver those 2 am feedings? The other side of the camera is equipped with a night light that changes to whatever color you please (I chose light show because I NEED ALL OF THE COLORS). 

The camera quality is crystal clear at 1080p HD with advanced night-vision to track every one of baby's moves in the dark. It even has motion and sound alerts, along with a baby crying alert so you know it's time to get up and check on your little guy. Receive alerts via text or email and watch realtime from your phone. 

Arlo also records motion and sound-triggered events, and saves them in your cloud storage. They can be viewed, downloaded, and shared for 7 days, for free. You can even share access to the camera or specific videos with friends and family. Let the oversharing begin (ha!). 

As far as security goes, like most people, we're concerned about live-streaming and wifi security in our house. So I was put at ease about connecting the camera to our wifi after seeing that Arlo cameras are encrypted with the highest industry security standards. Now, I can not only see what Indy is up to from the other room but also while I'm on the train, running errands or at a much needed night out with friends. 

As of now, I only have one complaint and that's the lack of a video monitor. I'm not keen on having to use my phone 24/7 for monitoring. However, I did see that they have an HD monitor coming soon on the website, so that's already taken care of. Other than that, we're a match made in baby monitoring heaven. 

Who else is on team video monitors? 
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