Essie’s Sweet Summer 2017 Collection

Hey guys! One of my favorite people,  Julia from Fashion Pulse Daily is taking over today and sharing Essie's Sweet Summer 2017 Collection. Read on and show my fellow redhead and Astorian some love. 
Parlez-vous français? No? Well don’t feel badly about it because this is about the extent of my French expertise, but all that matters here is the universal language of…dessert! Inspired by the perfectly arranged, delectable, sweet morsels found in patisseries and among Paris’ iconic sidewalk-lined cafes, essie’s summer 2017 collection incorporates jovial pastels and darling metallics inspired by the city of lights, sure to have you dreaming of all things Parisian, ultra-sugary, and perfectly manicured nails. Per usual, the tongue-in-cheek names of each of the six colors in the lineup riff on the French motif with food at its core; shades include éclair my love (red candy), fondant of you (sparkling apricot), baguette me not (lilac), blue-la-la (pastel blue), s’il vous play (lavender pink metallic), and sweet soufflé (iridescent white). There’s always a favorite of the collection, which is usually predictable as I tend to basically just rotate the same 5-6 shades around, in ever so slightly varied hues, but this time it was different – s’il vous play stole my heart! Perhaps it’s the smoothness in which it spreads on the nails, or the way in which it catches the light and gleams, but there’s just something about this girly yet edgy pale pink metallic foil shade that declares it a smash hit, and may I go as far as to say THE color of summer of 2017?  Grab this one, or for that matter, all six shades, here. (