DIY Ikea Brimnes Wardrobe Handle Upgrade

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While I love the functionality of the Ikea Brimnes Wardrobes (and also bed) I can't say that I love the handles that they come with. Truth: they're bulky, have no ability to hang anything on them and well, they're just not pretty. At all. Same goes for the handles on the bed. Plus the amount of times I've scratched my leg on them is probably unnatural. 

Thus, some changes had to be made.

Like, I said before, I love the wardrobes and the $120 price is unbeatable for the amount of storage they offer. Before even purchasing them, I knew they needed a different handle situation. Of course it turns out that handles with this particular sizing were nearly impossible to come by. So I waited, continued to search, and waited. And then a couple of months ago I had the idea that maybe I should go back to Ikea and see what they had in terms of handles; even if it meant looking at their kitchen drawer pulls- which is exactly where I found these. While the stainless steel was a serious upgrade from the current situation I was concerned they wouldn't go that well with the rest of the room. 

Enter, Rustoleum Metallics in Gold (the same paint that brightened our hideous boob light). I opted for the gold, but looking back I would have gone with a deeper brass hue for more depth. I will say, even with the brighter gold they're a HUGE improvement to the previous handle situation and I can rest easy that I don't have to deal with those bulky handles any longer. The process was super easy and ridiculously budget friendly, the handles were $6.99 for a package of two (x3) and the spray paint was around $4. It's a definite win in my book.



Do It Yourself!

What you need: 
Rustoleum Metallics in Gold or Brass
3 - 2 packs Ikea Lansa Handles in the 9 5/8 size (6 1/4'' holes)

1. Outside, lay down a drop cloth - I recommend plastic.

2. Line up the Lansa handles and spray each side evenly. Let dry and touch up as needed.

3. Let dry overnight and screw handles into the pre-drilled holes on the wardrobe.