15 Summer Dresses Under $50

Can we talk about this amazing weather for a minute? I mean, granted we only had a hot minute of 'real' spring weather but this sunshine is what summer dreams are made of and I'm 100% ok with it. 

As you likely already know I'm definitely a dress gal, I basically live in them year around. So, while doing a little browsing on tjmaxx.com the other day for the bedroom I realized that my constant browsing of their home decor was distracting me from the real winner, their massive selection of dresses and other amazing clothing finds. I clicked the new arrivals and basically blew my mind with an assortment of dresses ranging from $12.99 (NO JOKE!) to $49.99 that I felt belonged in my closet. Like, asap. 

Needless to say I felt the urge to share my new found awareness with you because, you basically need all these dresses, some of which come from some serious names brands for a fraction of the price. Thus, bringing me to round up my favorite 15 summer dresses spotted on tjmaxx.com for well under $50!

Seriously, how cute are these? And most of them are under $30!

Off The Shoulder Tie Sleeve Dress (Also in Blush), $16.99

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