Festival Season Essentials with Babbleboxx

It's officially April. That means spring is in full swing and so is festival season. Music lovers rejoice! Coachella kicks off next weekend and fans are gearing up for days of sunshine, music, and the famous ferris wheel in Palm Springs. Obviously, I'll be sitting this one out but that isn't going to keep me from celebrating at home with some essentials thanks to this month's Babbleboxx. Festivals at home? Ok! The box is basically all you need when readying yourself for any kind of outdoor event, festival, or one of the various outdoor concerts NYC has to offer. You have your cozy loungewear, snacks, beauty products, hydration and so on...

Check out the deets below...

First up, haircare. All those hours sitting under the sun is bound to give your hair a little bit of an ick effect, at least in my case. So cleansing it one of the first things you want to do pre-festival kick off, and as soon as you get home. Don't worry, Renpure has you covered with their black label coconut line made with extra virgin olive oil and natural coconut water to moisturize strands leaving them shiny, healthy, and festival ready. The box came with three products, the Renpure Black Label 100% Coconut Oil, made with unrefined coconut oil, for giving your hair some serious love after you wash out the glitter, temporary color and braids. It's straight up coconut oil so you can double up and use it as a moisturizer! Next, the Renpure Black Label Coconut Water Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Ok, this stuff is amazing - it's infused with coconut water and bamboo fibers and doesn't leave my hair feeling like I forgot to rinse out most of it. It's surprisingly light-weight and even my dry-prone hair feels hydrated post wash. 

Next, cozy loungewear from PJ SALVAGE. If you've been reading with me for awhile you already know that I LOVE PJ Salvage sleepwear and loungewear. I'm all about that 24/7 comfort. Their pieces never disappoint, so when looking to add a fresh piece of loungewear in your suitcase that can take you from home to out-and-about for the big weekend, I highly suggest grabbing yourself some PJ. I'm wearing the Hello Sunshine graphic sweatshirt and shorts.  The sweatshirt is super soft, almost peach feeling and fits comfortably over my enormous bump. I sized up to medium and it's perfect. The shorts are great, they're cozy and not constricting on my hips. Plus, the print: Who can resist the Aztec-inspired sunshine print?

Obviously you need some snacks for the big weekend, so why not get nostalgic and bring Sour Punch® candy back into you life? If you're a 90's kid like myself, you lived off of these. I remember strictly buying Sour Punch Straws at the concession stand every weekend while my brother played baseball and to this day play favorites with sour coated 'gummy' candy. (Truth: this pregnancy they were a lifesaver when it came to battling my morning sickness). They've evolved a bit since then and have way more flavor offerings like the new Sour Punch® Bites® Ragin’ Reds And Sour Punch® Straws Pineapple Mango Chili. I'm currently favoring the Pineapple Mango Chili Straws, they're  just the right amount of sweet from the tropical blend of pineapple and mango, combined with a tiny kick of spice to heat things up. The Ragin' Reds are also pretty excellent. Especially when you don't want to pick just one flavor, you get bite -sized pieces of strawberry, cherry, watermelon and raspberry in one, resealable bag. And they're available at Target so you don't have to look too far to find them.

Snacking and spending the day in the sun, calls for some serious (but also fun) hydration. Enter LaCroix 100% Natural Sparkling Water. No sodium, no caffeine, no calories, no fat, no sweeteners. Plus it's Non-GMO, Kosher, Paleo and Whole 30 Friendly. There's a ton of flavors out there but I LOVED the Cúrate Piña Fraise that came with the box. Who doesn't love a pineapple strawberry mix, and the new tall cans don't hurt either. 

Since it's spring, there are all kinds of fresh issues in the air. All the blooms, second hand smoke and even sand is bound to cause some sort of reaction while outdoors all day. Skip the itchy, watery and red eyes with Clear Eyes Pure Relief® Multi-Symptom. The Preservative Free Eye Drops have a unique formula designed to relieve red, burning, itchy, dry, irritated, gritty or watery eyes for up to 12 hours of soothing comfort. Grab a $3 off coupon here. 

And finally, hair removal with Nad's Ultra Smoothing Exfoliating Wax Strips. Real talk, festival season is not the time to be worrying about stubble or the task of shaving. So making things a little bit easier with the professional quality wax strips from Nads is the way to go. They work on all skin types and is even gentle on sensitive skin and are surprisingly easy to use. The wax strips are perfect for legs, arms and bikini to remove even the shortest, most stubborn hair. Oh, and it's dermatologically tested. 

What's on your festival season must-haves list? 

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